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By NooBieBoi Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on May 29, 2021 0 Comments 9 min read
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Alright, I’m sure all of you understand why aim is so important but we have to remember there are a ton of factors that go into your aim. So simply doing one of these tips is not going to make you good. It is going to take a lot of practice and dedication if you want to become a headshot machine.

1. Mouse Sensitivity

To start, we will be talking about one of the most basic factors of your aim, and that is your sensitivity. Your sensitivity is pretty important but is mostly a preference thing. To be able to understand better I am going to be using Effective Dots Per Inch (EDPI) as the measure of sensitivity, you can find your EDPI by multiplying your mouse’s DPI by your in-game sensitivity.

Now that we are all on the same page, it is important to make sure you are playing on a not too outlandish sensitivity. For a reference point, the average professional EDPI is 269. Working your way to a sensitivity within this 200-400 area is a solid way to know you are in a decent range. Again, remember this is mostly preference. So if you play better on a higher sensitivity then, by all means, go ahead and use that higher sensitivity. Just keep in mind you want to be able to maintain accuracy as well.

Now that you have found your sensitivity, let’s talk about a foundational part of improving aim that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.

Be Consistent

Keep your settings consistent by sticking with the same sensitivity and settings. If you are trying to work on your aim, you need to understand that many of these settings will not affect your performance that much, but changing these settings will often affect your performance.

As you work on your aim and as you play, you are developing muscle memory. Your brain is learning that if it moves the mouse a certain amount, your crosshair will move a certain amount.

After enough repetition, your brain will become quicker and more accurate. Changing your settings resets this process and puts you back where you started. So instead of constantly switching your sensitivity and settings, try to stick to the same ones and work on that muscle memory.

Practice Your Aim

When in Valorant, go to shooting/practice range. Here you can use a couple of cool tools to help work on your aim in a stress-free environment.  The first and my personal favorite drill to work on is the bots in the range. You can click F3 to control the options of these bots and make them do various things such as strafe.

Simply sitting here and flicking from bot head to bot head will help you improve your aim. As you master this strategy, you can then turn strafe on and practice on some moving targets. This is the best way to practice without having to load into a game and it gets even better, you can even train your recoil in the same area.

Head over to this target and set it to 10m. Now spray and try to fit all of your bullets in the bullseye, as you get better you can move the target further and further away until you become an absolute beam with your weapons.

We do have to remember maybe not everyone likes this type of aim training so I have found a couple of alternatives that you can use outside of valorant.

Aim Trainers

What I am talking about is third-party aim trainers. There are multiple aim trainers you can download and practice your aim from one of the most common are called Kovaak and Aim Lab.

(I Will be uploading a full guide on Aim Lab soon.)

Within aim trainers like this you can practice everything from flicking to tracking your targets. So if your getting tired of shooting bots in the lobby, maybe consider downloading one of these third-party aim trainers to help give you another way to practice your aim.

Okay, we have talked about all the ways to practice your aim but there is something you need to do before you load into a competitive game no matter what.

Warm-up Matches

I am talking about warming up. This could even be something as simple as hopping into the practice range for 10 minutes before you queue up for your game. This will not only warm up your muscles but will also refresh your brain and give you a much better chance to perform well in your match.

The first couple of rounds of a match can be extremely important so using these to stomp on your enemies is much more effective than using the first few rounds to warmup. Simply just do something warm yourself up and practice your aim for just a little bit before you play.

Also, remember the classic saying “Practice how you play.”

Don’t warm up by just messing around and slowly shooting at bots. Make sure you are truly trying during this warmup so that you can get ready for how you are going to play in your actual match. Before your competitive matches, consider doing any one of them deathmatch/practice range/aim trainer/playing unrated.


Headshots are the most powerful thing in all of the Valorant. With a vandal, for instance, you can easily grant yourself a kill instantly simply by hitting the enemy’s head.  So instead of using 3-4 bullets shooting at someone’s chest or legs, shoot one bullet towards their head. 

Obviously, this is easier said than done but let me explain how you can use this info correctly.  While you play, purposefully aim at an enemies head when you get into a gunfight with them.

This might be tough at first but this all comes down to muscle memory, once you can get your brain used to re-adjusting to the head level you can make it something you don’t even have to think about.

While we are on the topic of re-adjusting your crosshair, let’s talk about crosshair placement.

Crosshair Placement

When I say crosshair placement, might be the most important thing you will learn today. First, let’s talk about what is good and bad crosshair placement is. When you are aiming at the ground, not pre-aiming corners and certain angles then that is a bad crosshair placement.

When you are aiming at headshot level, pre-aiming angles, and corners then you have a good crosshair placement. Keeping your crosshair at head level is the key part of this, if your crosshair is already at the head level you will only have to horizontally adjust your aim rather than adjusting both horizontally and vertically.

Finally, try to predict where enemies will peek from and get your crosshair ready, this is one of the most underrated ways to make aiming easier for yourself.

Practice Every Weapon

You need to practice all the weapons, simply practising with a vandal is not going to be enough to consistently improve your aim at all times.

You will probably be better with a vandal if that is all you practice with but using all of the guns to practice can be super good especially when you realise most of their recoil patterns are similar.

All this is going to do is put you in a better position when you end up having to use a different weapon or maybe end up in a sticky situation. If you have practised with all the weapons you will be more prepared and ready to go whenever one of these fights present itself. 

Play Deathmatch

Play deathmatch… A LOT!, deathmatch is one of the best ways to improve your aim if you go into the games with that being your sole purpose, as you play deathmatch consciously remember to aim at the heads and try to stay consistent and deadly with your aim, this is a guaranteed way to improve your aim as long as you spend a good amount of time in here.

I would even go as far as to say that deathmatch is way better for you than a competitive game is for improving aim.

The reason this is true is that you end up in a lot more gunfight which gives you many more reps and also it is much faster so you can fast-track your aim improvement.

Wrist Vs Arm Aiming

So, there are two types of aiming that many people don’t talk about. Our first type is wrist aiming, this is where a player sits their wrist on the mousepad and uses their wrist to control the mouse. Many of these players play with higher sensitivity.

Our second type of aiming is arm aiming, this is where a player sits their entire arm on the mousepad and moves their entire lower arm to aim at the target. It is mostly used by pros and player who uses arm aiming tend to have lower sensitivity.

But in last it all comes to personal preference, choose that which comes to you naturally.

Follow these tips and I assure you that you will become an aiming god one day. Thanks for reading.


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