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7 Things to Note When Starting Roblox
By kylebynight Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2022 0 Comments 5 min read
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Roblox has been stirring up quite the news in the gaming industry lately, especially amongst the younger generation of budding gamers. So naturally, you would want to know what it is about or join in on the hype. In that case, we’ve noted down some important points for you to be aware of before jumping into the platform or allowing your impressionable children to join it.

1.  Roblox is A Platform First, Not A Game

Most people think that Roblox is a game for the young ones. Well, that’s where you’re dead wrong. Roblox is a social platform first before it is a game. You can play games on it, but that’s not the only purpose of the platform.

You can do so much on Roblox, from creating games of your own to making friends with people from around the world. It’s a platform with a collection of thousands of games in its library for everyone to explore.

2.  Learn About Robux, Don’t Get Sucked Into It

Robux is the in-game currency used by users of the platform to purchase any in-game items. You can customize your characters and equip them with the latest dances or pets to tote around. Which makes it easy for you to get sucked into purchasing everything that attracts your attention or uplifts your social status on the platform.

You can obtain Robux by exchanging real-life currency like getting a Roblox Gift Card from OffGamers here or directly purchasing it from the platform itself. Remember to not get sucked into it! There are a ton of cases where users go into debt for playing this game.

3.  You Can Make Your Own Games

As previously mentioned, you can make your own games on the platform. If you’re a budding game developer or you have an interest in creating your own games, Roblox is a great platform to tinker around with. In order to make your own games, you would need to download the Roblox Studio software and explore from there.

Newbies usually start by making small rooms for their friends to hang out and play around with, but more ambitious creators have made complex games on the platform. These games are then enjoyed by countless other users.

4.  Make Sure To Update Roblox

This is a no-brainer, but make sure to update your software in order to experience the best updates and quality of life changes! A lot of people have a tendency to just download it and forget all about it, but that only means you’re missing out on the best the developers have to offer.

You can update it based on the platform you’re playing it on. Simply open the platform you’re using and check for any game updates. Install them and be on your way to a better experience.

5.  You Can Make Money Off Roblox

With the option to create your own games, naturally, you can also make money off Roblox. In fact, there are people that actually ended up starting their very own businesses and gaming companies from Roblox itself.

Everything you build on the platform can be sold off for a price that is set by you. The games that you create would have their own monetization models that you can choose from as well. You can create games where players would need to purchase in-game items or a paywall sort of trial test run and more.

Do note that there are pay cuts, Roblox will have a major percentage of what you make, and your profit margin will be quite small. So it would be better if you start something on your own after learning some Roblox basics.

6.  You Can Play Roblox Games

Yes, you can still play games for free on Roblox. Some of the games created by other users are free and not blocked by a paywall or monetization model, so you can still enjoy yourself. Plus, you and your friends can create your own mini-games to play amongst yourselves as well.

The platform itself currently boasts over 40 million games created by all sorts of individuals on the platform. You are sure to find one that captures your attention and makes your time worthwhile.

7.  Stay Informed if Your Children Are on Roblox

If you’re a weary parent, it is understandable. Since Roblox was popularized as a platform where children can learn and play, a lot of adults have taken advantage of that fact. Roblox itself is trying to implement countless measures in preventing anything malicious from happening, but it is definitely best if you’re always informed on what your child is doing on the platform.

Better yet, join them in their games. It could be a great family game night idea if you give it a chance!

To Conclude

There you go, some simple things to note when you’re just starting out on Roblox. Hopefully, this has been helpful for you in your journey to understanding the basics of the platform. Most importantly, remember to have fun!


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