Developer 3lb Games is excited to announce the launch of their flagship title, Vault of Stars, in partnership with Oculus. Now available on Oculus App Lab!

Darkness runs rampant across the islands of Vault of Stars. You are the world’s last shred of light…and its last shred of hope.

A project led by musician and developer Robin Moulder (Jack Off Jill, TCR), Vault of Stars offers VR players an adventure across the mysterious Islands of Souls. Embark on a journey to bring light back to these darkened islands, restoring the patterns of the Guardians by solving astral puzzles, engaging in magical, fast-paced combat with shadowy creatures, and uncovering the history of a ruined world.

In Vault of Stars, players become the Last Star, a newborn spirit of starlight able to fly freely across the expansive world, control and focus energy, and possess the constructs scattered across the islands. In a quest to push back the Voidbringer, a ravenous entity that is slowly consuming these ancient islands, the Last Star will make momentous decisions in this story-led adventure. Will they restore energy to the land and its Guardians, or will they harness the power to fight back the Void?

The player can freely traverse fully realized realms in this celestial VR experience, each complete with its own secrets and histories that they can learn while solving puzzles and combating creatures from the Void. Designed with comfort in mind and an original music score by Moulder, players can lose themselves in the dark beauty of the world around them.

“We wanted to create a game that takes advantage of the player’s unique connection to the world in VR, one where their experience and story change depending on their playstyle,” said Robin Moulder, CEO at 3lb Games.

Vault of Stars is now available on Oculus via App Lab, priced at an Early Access discount of $9.99 for a limited time.

The game currently includes a fully realized cinematic and introductory island, with an in-depth tutorial and fully voiced Guardian guide, and a robust hand and body physics system to further push the player immersion in this fantastic world. Exciting new updates, including the first two engagement areas of the Island of Shark and Seahorse, coming soon after the Early Access launch.

About Vault of Stars

The Guardians stand vigil against the encroaching Void, which threatens all reality with annihilation. But their defenses weaken and the Void is ascendant, corrupting their power. The Guardians fall and shatter the World Tree, rising as unholy shadows of themselves. Now all of the reality stands at risk.

You must rid the islands of this corruption by whatever means possible. Explore the islands to uncover the truth of how the Void came to pollute them, and find a way to remove its taint from these sacred places.

About 3lb Games

Headquartered in Michigan with a fully remote team (since 2008!), 3lb Games has specialized in XR games since 2016. Founded by Robin Moulder (Jack Off JillTCR) and Colin McComb (Torment: Tides of NumeneraPlanescape: TormentFallout 2), 3lb Games released Space Dragon for the Oculus Rift and Steam VR in 2017 and partnered with Monomi Park to bring their indie hit Slime Rancher to VR in Slime Rancher VR Playground.

In addition, 3lb Games has created VR applications for companies including Henkel, Xenon VR, and the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, and recently launched 3lb XR, an accelerator company for the XR ecosystem.

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