Indie game publisher Meridian4 is proud to announce the upcoming release of Jumphobia: Homeward Bound, a side-scroller platformer created by indie developer Wix Games. Scheduled for official release in Q1 2022, Jumphobia: Homeward Bound is a fast-paced platformer with no jump button!

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Jumphobia: Homeward Bound is a game built around the premise of getting from “A” to “B” by jumping – but not when you want to! All Jump-bots are built with a failsafe to limit their maneuverability, meaning that you as the player can only automatically jump when you reach the edge of a drop or platform. That’s right – it’s a platforming game without a jump button!

Artist statement: 

The concept for the original Jumphobia game was to try and see if a platform could still be fun without a jump button. It’s the most important element to almost every platformer – so what would happen if it isn’t there? The result was a game where you have to think about everything differently. The difficulty no longer comes from pressing jump at the right time in order to clear the gap, it’s now a question of which gap is the right one to clear – or how can I make it past this obstacle without the freedom to jump whenever I want? The original game was built for a large variety of platforms including the web, so simple graphics and small file size were a necessity. With this new game, we want to really up the quality and push the concept to its limits, with a much higher level count, new lighting systems and 3D graphics, and a fully-fledged story with 3D cutscenes. I started making games as a 13-year-old working from my bedroom, a year later I released my first popular web game Duck Life, and created Wix Games the year after in 2010. Since then we’ve had a number of hits and grown to a full-time team of 3.

About Wix Games: 

Wix Games is a small indie team based in Birmingham, UK. We started off making Flash games in 2008 and switched to apps in 2014. Our flash games received over 1 billion views combined, with the biggest hit being the Duck Life series. We have released over 30 flash games, 17 apps, 6 PC games, and 3 Switch/Xbox games. The team consists of Simon (creative director), Max (programmer), and Sam (artist).

About Meridian4: 

Located in Montréal, Canada, Meridian4 was founded in 2004 as an indie publisher that understands the needs and concerns of indie developers. Its founder, Jeff Giasson, has numerous social media channels that aid indie developers in their understanding of marketing, and business knowledge.

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