Ring in the new year with Adventure Roll’s Version 0.5.2 update, which introduces a host of new content, tools, spells, monsters, and quality-of-life changes for Game Masters (GMs) and players alike. Multiple new NPCs are also available for purchase for only $2.00 each via the in-game shop.

Hassle-Free Adventure Management

Adventure management has been streamlined and simplified. Now, when you start a campaign, you can add maps and jump right in within seconds, along with inviting friends in moments with just an invite link. You can even have sub-adventures, allowing you to string a number of one-shots into a full campaign.

New Regional Note System

GMs have a new encounter region system to display relevant information about the location they are focusing on. As you move from region to region, your notes are automatically updated to display editable descriptions and key props placed in these areas. A top-down camera view allows for full control as GMs are able to gain a bird’s eye view of everything going on, even zooming out to give a full lay of the land in the interactive maps.

Improved Game Master Controls

As a GM, you now have options on how to run and view your games. There is the traditional D&D experience of running a top-down campaign, or you can jump into an immersive view and see your campaign world from the player’s perspective. Each region has camera views to point toward the action, allowing you to easily switch in and out of an immersive view back to top-down with just the click of a button. In both perspectives, objects of importance have indicators so you know what your players can and will interact with. You can even “possess” an NPC and take control of them walking around the map alongside your players!

New NPCs Available

9 new SRD monsters have been added for purchase via the in-game shop. Each one is priced at only 200 Dragon Scales ($2.00).

  • Bandit
  • Bandit Captain
  • Cult Fanatic
  • Cultist
  • Drow
  • Female Noble
  • Male Noble
  • Orc
  • Thug

Reactions and 2nd Level Spell Expansions

The number of spells available for play has increased to include the majority of second-level spells on top of the cantrips and first-level spells already available. Each one includes accurate dice rolls, damage types, and saving throws to speed up your gameplay. When a reaction is possible, players now have all their viable options displayed immediately to them. 

About Adventure Roll

Adventure Roll is the only fully immersive 3D virtual tabletop (VTT) for D&D 5e. Adventure Roll combines the functionality of a VTT with the visuals of a AA video game to deliver the D&D experience you’ve been waiting for.

Dungeon masters can customize maps, place interactive traps, props, puzzles, and animated NPCs to set up homebrewed adventures within minutes. They can control the action from any angle, keep adventure notes, utilize a suite of tools via our integrated user interface, and even play alongside their players in 1st or 3rd person. The platform comes with embedded 5th edition rules, game mechanics, and automated dice roll calculations with character sheet updates to make game administration easy. Players can explore the world through the eyes of personalized, animated avatars that they can control in 1st or 3rd person. They can interact with objects, launch lifelike attacks against enemies, fall into traps, take damage, cast spells with particle effects, climb walls, swim, loot, role play with emotes, and more. 

Adventure Roll launched into Early Access in October 2021 and is available as a free download through our website. To kick things off, newcomers will enjoy a free, fully set-dressed hideout dungeon map, inspired by the Redbrand Hideout, that comes complete with multiple NPCs as well as over two dozen props and interactable objects. 

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