Today, Armor Games Studios has announced a publishing partnership with the exciting upcoming adventure puzzle game Bilkins’ Folly, developed by Webbysoft. The announcement comes as part of the ongoing celebrations surrounding the latest Big Adventure Event on Steam.

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In Bilkins’ Folly, players will set sail on a charming adventure with Percival “Percy” Bilkins and his trusty canine companion Drayton, who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of Percy’s mother and grandfather. In an effort to track down Percy’s missing family members, players will help the duo find a new ship, build their crew, and journey across an assortment of unusual islands riddled with puzzles. Along the way, they might even unravel an unsettling family secret that will change Percy’s life forever.

Each island brings its own mix of history, mystery, and most important treasure. Players will interact with locals in order to learn more about the islands they explore, using key pieces of information to customize Percy’s treasure maps with the help of his impressive cartography skills. 

Of course, while Percy’s map studying skills will point the duo in the right direction, it’s the boy’s bond with his dog which will prove to be the key to progression in Bilkins’ Folly. The more quality time players spend with Drayton, the more skills the faithful canine will pick up to help open up the path forward.

While some will say the treasure is only worth its weight in gold, Percy recognizes the value to be found in information as he hunts for his lost family. However, he might just discover that the ultimate treasure is the friends and allies he’ll make along the way.

Webbysoft’s sole developer Luke Webster says, “I’m excited to be working with such a genuine, passionate and caring group of people in the Armor Games team. With a long history in the games industry and a catalogue of exciting and relevant titles, I feel so fortunate that Bilkins’ Folly is part of this team.”

That and getting to pet Drayton, of course.  

Bilkins’ Folly will launch on PC via Steam later in 2022, with more details to be revealed soon. Players can wishlist the game now, to stay updated.

About Bilkin’s Folly

Percival “Percy” Bilkins is a treasure hunter on a mission to find his missing mother and grandfather, who mysteriously disappeared many years ago. The only problem? His ship got wrecked in a storm, and he needs to find a new way forward. Together with his family’s beloved dog Drayton, Percy must find a new ship, reunite with his crew, and discover family secrets that will change his life forever. Oh, and dig for the hidden treasure of course.

Bilkins’ Folly is a narrative adventure game about a boy and his dog. Team up with your canine best friend to uncover every nook and cranny of this region. With the help of Percy’s expert cartography skills, you can customize your map to help you solve puzzles and unlock other secrets. But be warned: some puzzles in this world are easier than others, and you might need to return to them later in your journey.

Your friendship with Drayton will be your biggest asset when navigating through the world of Bilkins’ Folly. By spending quality time together, you can level up your bond and earn points to spend on new skills that can be used to clear obstacles. This will aid you in your search for family and riches and take you to places previously unseen.  

About Webbysoft

Webbysoft was formed in 2019 by solo Tasmanian game dev and high school teacher Luke Webster. His debut mobile title, Cracked Crusaders, was created as part of an overly elaborate lesson plan about the game development process. Based out of a small farm, Webbysoft’s stories are inspired by a sense of geographical isolation, highlighting the importance of close bonds between humans and their animal companions  

About Armor Games

From its roots as a popular portal for online gaming, Armor Games Studios is a publisher that aims to work directly with and help foster talented indie developers to create unique and engaging games of all types for all platforms.

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