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GPU Undervolting Guide 2021: How to easily decrease your GPU temperature!

INTRODUCTION Hey guys! Today I will be talking about how we can decrease our GPU temperatures with little to no effort. This is the easiest way to decrease your temperatures. This will work in Laptops and PCs as well. This method is called “Undervolting.” When your GPU is being made, the creators will drop a […]

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The MSI GP65 Laptop: Great Gaming Laptop for the Price

Today I will be reviewing MSI GP65 Leopard, a gaming laptop with the new mobile RTX 2060 6GB. This is really impressive because the new laptops with the RTX Series have been coming out recently. Many MSI Laptops cost more than usual. We will talk about why MSI Laptops are better than Asus and Acer. First, let’s talk about the specifications. The laptop weighs around 2.3 KG.

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RPG Maker MZ: How Easy is it?

Hello! Today I will be reviewing a fairly new game engine starting to mature. KADOKAWA Interactives series of RPG Makers have been legendary. It is not only for beginners but also for professionals. This game engine does not require any programming knowledge, so you can make a game and even publish it with 0% knowledge […]

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New Crypto Miner Hack: How to Find and Remove It!

Is your computer slower than usual? Are your games running with low fps and higher temperatures all the time? You might have a miner installed on your computer! Computer Hackers have been finding numerous ways to hack into your computer without your knowledge.

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Hitman 3: Is this Stealth Game Worth Your Money?

IO Interactive is back at it again on the Legendary Hitman Series, Hitman 3: A Stealth Assassination game, IO Interactive’s third game of the rebooted series. Released in January 2021. Dive into the world of Agent 47, a trained professional killer (well, and a clone.) known by the name of Silent Assassin because of his ultimate instincts and stealth skills.

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Grand Theft Auto Part 2 - HD Universe Explained

INTRODUCTION In the previous article, we have talked about the storyline of Grand Theft Auto’s 3D Universe. Today I will be talking about Grand Theft Auto’s HD Universe and 2D Universe, and also why 3D Universe characters cannot return to the HD Universe, which is very sad. Many people might think this ‘Multi-Verse’ thing is just […]

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Grand Theft Auto Series - The 3D Universe!

Grand Theft Auto 3 events take place in 2001. We play as Claude Speed, a deadly person trained in combat. Liberty City, a fully explorable city with pretty decent graphics. The Story is interesting, and the missions are creative and well-created.

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