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Ballad to Madness - An Elden Ring "Poem"
A short little text about the Frenzied Flame Ending in the newest FromSoftware gayme, Elden Ring
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Gaming on September 3, 2022 0 Comments 2 min read
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Ballad to Madness

A poem… or some sort of lyrical work… about the Frenzied Flame in Elden Ring, because I can never put that gayme down. The Frenzied Flame Ending is probably my favourite of the bunch, so I just wanted to do something for it and since I don’t have time to draw and am as musical as a cardboard box rolling down the stairs, I wrote something. Enjoy!

Life has always been the most prominent mistake of Order…

There are those who bathe in gold
There are others who fight for it
Then there’s those bathed in blood
And those who eat their shit

Yet they call me the most vile
Trading ignorance for bliss
Compared to sanity, so fragile
Lies may be the greatest kiss

From war he came, in war he goes
Insane are the scales, so his claim
Yet he finds nothing beside woes
And I shall share the same

Two minus one is three
Orange eyes will set you free
Of grief, of revenge, of hate
Until you too, shall lend your aid
(Bound by honour never got you far, after all)

Win and loss are the same coin
Stood at the door covered in thorns
Where crime sprang from the same loin
Far and wide between the land mourns
Learning the lesson, hugged by the three
Now another lamb redeemed by me

And the saddest notes across the lands
Are our most fair tune
Misery from snow to reddest sands
I beg, become our lord soon

Tender truth is the sweetest taste
Fruitful lecture hard to digest
Songs of chaos in the highest praise
Put foul ambitions to rest

Spare the maiden from shame
Hear the wailing fire’s blame
Burn the rotten roots of birth
For the mad fingers unearth’d
Embrace the Disgrace

Just another vessel to be hooked
Just another vessel to get crooked
Just another vessel to arise
Awaiting the final demise

Trade your sight for clarity
Ripe for harvest are your eyes
The goal hides behind variety
Ah, truly the greatest vice

And, finally, may the world be taken…

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