After many months of hype, Black Skylands is finally out!

Build your skyship and explore the open world, fight factions of pirates and monsters, claim your territory by foot or by flying your vessel. You’re the captain and the sky’s the limit! Moscow, Russia – July 9th, 2021 — It’s time to set sail in the skies as tinyBuild and Hungry Couch Games proudly announce the Early Access launch of Black Skylands today! The open-world action-adventure is available now on  Steam , GOG , and  Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD (with a 10% discount during launch)

Thethousandscar: Me here! Just chiming in to say I’ve picked up this game already, and I’ll be showcasing it in a later Indie Corner article. Stay tuned!

Black Skylands Key Features:

  • Fight in the skies and on land – Combine aerial and ground combat, having dozens of weapons in your arsenal. Encountered a group of enemies that is too tough for you to handle? Execute an aerial attack! And don’t forget to use your trusty grappling hook to throw enemies into the cloudy abyss;
  • Customize your vessel and weaponry – Choose a skyship that fits your playstyle, be it a small maneuverable boat or a heavy machine with a high-capacity cargo hold. When on foot, harness the power of firearms by enhancing them with different mods and using special abilities to destroy your foes;
  • Build, expand and protect your aerial base – Make your trusty Fathership an impregnable flying fortress and repel intruders’ attacks. Resources you gather can be used to build facilities aboard the Fathership. For example, a Workshop lets you acquire useful upgrades for airships & weapons, a Factory processes resources and a Laboratory allows you to create powerful artifacts. Also, make sure to construct buildings like Gardens and Ranches to grow & harvest crops. Keep your people well-fed! 
  • Capture territories – Craft alliances and clear out occupied lands to expand the power of your faction. New resources, researches, characters and other features become available as you expand your influence;
  • Explore a sprawling open world – Venture into the skies and discover countless floating lands full of secrets & loot. Travel across forests, farms, snowy lands, urban jungle and the mysterious Black Skylands themselves. Discover ancient secrets and take risks to unleash powers behind them.

About Hungry Couch Games

Hungry Couch was founded in April of 2019 by Konstantin Burov. In 2021 his team joined the tinyBuild family and right now is working on its debut open-world skypunk sandbox game—Black Skylands.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is a Seattle-based video game label that started when two guys made an indie cult hit No Time to Explain. Since 2011, the studio expanded to two more locations in Amsterdam and Riga, and brought you hits like Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, Party Hard and SpeedRunners.

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