The Sugar Games company announces the release of Blood of Titans on Steam. It combines several different mechanics (CCG, city-building, and text quests) to create a unique game experience. Players can engage in PvP and PvE card battles with valuable prizes, participate in clan wars, and explore fascinating nonlinear quests in an elaborate fantasy world. Blood of Titans is a strategic CCG game with a nonlinear fantasy storyline and all kinds of battles. It will be especially exciting for those who are tired of regular CCG games: there are city-building challenges, nonlinear text quests, frequent tournaments, and events with valuable prizes. The developers are constantly improving the game, creating new cards and quests.

What one can do in Blood of Titans:

Build and Refine a Battle Deck

The game features over 300 beautifully designed cards — each of them is a creature of a certain Element. In battle, cards can enhance their allies, weaken the enemies, and use special abilities. The player can also increase card stats using amulets, upgraded skins, and magic spells. Titans are the most powerful cards in the game: they are immune to most negative effects. To get a Titan card, the player has to complete a correspondent quest campaign.

Fight Other Players

Every fortnight, players can test their prowess in a tournament and try to win cards of higher rarity (promo and epic). The participants fight each other and move up or down in the standings. The first three winners get the prize cards, while other participants acquire a certain amount of game resources. Besides, there are PvP battles in faction wars, leagues, raids, and the Catacombs.

Develop and Protect the City

Various buildings help the player obtain valuable resources, summon new creatures, enhance cards in the deck, or get access to additional game modes (Arena and Catacombs). It is also possible to loot other players’ cities if they forget to build special vaults to protect resources.

Join or Create a Clan

Clans are an essential part of the game. Apart from socializing and helping each other, clan members can also participate in Clan Wars and get access to special clan chests with unique cards. Clan Wars are held every week: if clan members fight valiantly enough, they can increase the clan rating position, earn loyalty points, and use them to open the clan chest.

Take Part in Quest Campaigns

Blood of Titans features over 20 major campaigns and over 1600 lesser text quests that allow the player to explore the fabulous fantasy world and acquire powerful cards for the battle deck. The quests are nonlinear: the player’s actions and decisions affect the game storyline and can even change the finale.

What Comes Next

In the nearest future, there will be important innovations in the game:

A new PvP mode — Blitz tournaments in real-time.
Battle Pass: extra BP points for participating in all kinds of battles (catacombs, tournaments, quests, raids, etc.).

Key Features of Blood of Titans:

  • 300+ cards and 600+ unique card skins
  • 20+ major campaigns and 1600+ quests
  • 80+ different city buildings
  • 15 player leagues and 5 clan leagues;
  • 50+ different resource types that are necessary for cards upgrade and city development;
  • 25+ different game modes and activities (raids, mage tournaments, faction wars, events, catacombs, etc.).
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