Beyond the Long Night, a charming indie roguelike adventure was announced today as coming to Steam. Players will be tasked with battling, upgrading, and puzzling their way through a subterranean world of monsters, treasures, and talking cows – all in order to escape a deadly storm that ravages the underground kingdom. Taking inspiration from The Binding of Isaac’s combat, The Outer Wilds time loop, and Undertale’s dialogue, Beyond the Long Night, is packed full of loveable characters, chaotic combat, and a trail of secrets to discover.

Find Beyond the Long Night on Steam

UK-based indie developer Noisy Head Games today released a gameplay trailer for Beyond the Long Night. The first game released by the one-man studio is set to launch on PC in Autumn 2022.

Beyond the Long Night was inspired by completing side quests in FTL many years ago. I was struck by how much these secondary objectives hooked me, and wanted to experiment with expanding that concept across multiple runs,” says Steve Hollis, creator of Beyond the Long Night. “I also love games that subvert your expectations, and set out to create a game within a game, where its secrets are drip-fed to the player as they explore.”

While flying through the Dark Mountain, players will engage in chaotic combat and create bonkers builds using a system that allows them to stack and combine multiple upgrades all at once. At launch, the game will offer over 14 Superpowers – these are secondary abilities that uniquely shape your playstyle each time you play, ranging from a ring of protective spirits to an attack that ricochets the player across the screen like a pinball. The environment can also be used to the player’s advantage, from dropping deadly icicles on enemy heads to baiting enemies into dart traps.


  • A charming single player adventure set in an underground world caught in a time loop.
  • Twin stick shooter with Upgrades and Superpowers.
  • Motivational cows!
  • Puzzles and secrets, with some taking multiple runs to complete.
  • Randomly generated maps built from individually handcrafted rooms.
  • The bunting has physics.
  • Permadeath.
  • Shops, pick from three choices and other hidden interactions.
  • Your very own portable one man band.

About the developer

How many sound designers does it take to make a video game? Well, we’re giving it a go with three! Having all met in the audio department of Frontier Developments, we share a passion for creating unique game worlds that are an absolute hoot to explore!” – Steve Hollis

Noisy Head Games was founded by ex-Technical Sound Designer Steve Hollis. He spent over 5 years at Frontier Developments programming and designing audio and music systems on titles such as Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, and Jurassic World: Evolution, before starting the development of Beyond the Long Night in early 2020. He has created much of Beyond the Long Night himself but has had help from sound designers Ross Stack and Pablo Canas, who have over 14 years of sound design experience between them.

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