Today, Armor Games Studios is excited to share the announcement of In Stars and Time, an all-new RPG adventure from Adrienne Bazir (aka insertdisc5) about finding hope in a hopeless place to save the world from a mysterious time loop. In Stars and Time will be coming to PC in 2023 and is available to wishlist today on Steam.

Find In Stars And Time on Steam

In Stars and Time is a brand-new adventure from the developer, cartoonist, and animator Adrienne Bazir, creator of  START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue. While an understanding of this cult-classic game prototype is not necessary to enjoy insertdisc5’s upcoming game, it served as an introduction to the setting and characters of In Stars and Time.

This inclusive turn-based RPG follows a found family of adventurers at the pinnacle of their journey to defeat a king who is slowly freezing the land in time. After meeting their untimely demise, party leader Siffrin discovers they are actually stuck in a time loop, able to start the day over again with nobody the wiser. 

However, what initially appears to be a blessing in disguise quickly begins to weigh on Siffrin as he experiences the loop over and over with no end in sight. With the help of his dear companions and a cheeky being of ethereal starlight, can Siffrin find a way to end this temporal tragedy once and for all?

A gripping fantasy time loop story with a lot of heart, In Stars and Time, is an RPG for fans of the genre looking for an intelligent and thought-provoking experience, featuring a diverse and compelling cast of characters you’re sure to fall in love with.

Developer Adrienne Bazir said: “Finally, In Stars and Time has been revealed!!! I love stories that make me cry and feel for the characters, so I hope my game will also make you feel many emotions. Look forward to more information about the game soon!

In Stars and Time will be announced today as part of The MIX’s 10th-anniversary showcase. Players who want to experience a taste of the game’s world and characters can try START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue, now on itch.io or Steam for $12 CAD (Around £7 / $9.50). 

About In Stars and Time

In Stars and Time is an all-new RPG adventure from Adrienne Bazir, cartoonist, animator, and creator of START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue, the game that serves as an introduction for In Stars and Time. As Siffrin, players will attempt to storm the King’s castle and break the loop, while making use of their timeline-breaking knowledge to avoid death, help their companions, and unlock the truth behind the King. The story deals with themes of depression and self-doubt and features a diverse and compelling cast of characters.

Key Features: 

  • Diverse range of lovable and unique characters.
  • Save the world through the power of Rock, Paper, Scissors in strategic turn-based RPG combat encounters.
  • Use your knowledge of past loops to explore different paths forward in this neverending tale.
  • Equip the memories you have of your friends to make your party stronger in combat.
  • An amazing soundtrack by Thumpy Puppy (Lindar K. Greenwood and Alexandra Baker, along with Alice Liston and Sadie Robison).

About Insertdisc5

Adrienne Bazir, also known as insertdisc5, is a 2D animator, cartoonist, and game developer based in Toronto. 

Highly inspired by video games, their projects are usually about monsters, relationships, and agency, and she likes to play with metatext, foreshadowing, and your expectations. 

About Armor Games Studios

From its roots as a popular portal for online gaming, Armor Games Studios is a publisher that aims to work directly with and help foster talented indie developers to create unique and engaging games of all types for all platforms.

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