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Codename: Wandering Sword – a Wuxia-style pixel RPG revealed.
By Other News Posted in News on May 31, 2022 0 Comments 4 min read
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Indie game studio Xiameng is proud to announce their upcoming Wuxia-style pixel RPG.

A vast open world filled with a huge number of quests, unexpected adventures, and NPCs that lead their own lives instead of passively waiting for you to arrive. A flexible combat system, hundreds of martial arts moves to learn, and multiple endings to unlock depending on the decisions you make throughout your playthrough. All that and more await in the newly revealed Codename: Wandering Sword.

Find Codename: Wandering Sword on Steam


Codename: Wandering Sword is a Wuxia-style pixel RPG. Play as a young man from Liao City in the Outer Lands who is accidentally drawn into a feud between two rival sects. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time results in getting poisoned with the lethal Frozen Toad. However, you are fortunate enough to have Qingxu, Sect Leader of Wudang, come to your aid and save your life. This is your turning point: the moment you decide to become a great warrior and enter the land of the Central Plains.


  • A unique pixel style graphics rendered in Unreal Engine – with the Unreal Engine 4, a new pixel style art is created in the game: it switches PixelArt games to a 3D environment, giving a new blend of retro pixels and 3D reality. The game not only harks back to the pixelated Wuxia games of the MS-DOS era but also brings us modernized visual effects and a better game experience.
  • Enjoy an open world with a lively map – explore a huge universe including areas like the Central Plains, Jiangnan, the Western Regions, Nanjiang, Tianshan Mountain, and more. Explore prosperous towns, secret caves, forts, strongholds, and other unique scenic places.
  • Choose your preferred combat mode – if you are a fan of strategy games, choose a traditional turn-based combat mode and outmaneuver your enemies. But if you’d rather take things into your own hands, choose real-time combat mode to take part in exciting battles and defeat enemies through precise action inputs.
  • Hundreds of martial arts moves and supporting Meridians – a vast range of powerful abilities and moves are at your disposal. You can equip different types of weapons and join various sects. Learning cultivation methods can earn you Meridian Points, and practicing both internally and externally will make you a true martial arts master.
  • Travel the world and make friends – most NPCs in the game have a friendship system. You can increase an NPC’s affinity towards you by interacting with them via gift-giving, sparring, talking, etc. You can also recruit them to your party and travel the world together. NPCs of different sects have different Jianghu abilities. If you develop a good relationship with them, they will even give you their weapons and secret manuals to help you dominate the martial arts world.
  • Multiple endings and the freedom of side quests – different choices you’ll make throughout the game will lead to different endings. And on top of the main story, there are numerous side quests for you to explore, offering hidden, unexpected adventures.
  • Living and breathing NPCs – most NPCs in the game are much more than just assistants to your adventure. They have their own behavioral AI, meaning they will get themselves martial arts manuals and grow their own power, weaving their own unique stories.

Codename: Wandering Sword is being developed for PC by Xiameng Studio.

About Xiameng Studio

Xiameng Studio is a team from Shanghai, brought together by their love and passion for classic JRPGs and martial arts novels. Codename: Wandering Sword is their first game. They hope gamers will like it and plan to bring them a pixel wuxia world adventure that is highly immersive and worth exploring!


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