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CS:GO Iceberg: Conspiracies
By Seven-Squanchy-Seven Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on May 14, 2021 0 Comments 6 min read
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An iceberg is a very large block of ice that floats in the sea. But unlike how it looks, it goes down very deep into the depths of the ocean. This article will discuss three CS:GO conspiracies and possibly Valve’s hidden strategies towards the well-known professional scene.

A little note before starting, These are conspiracies, so there is no guarantee that these are 100% true.

The VAC Conspiracy

Well, if we are talking about CS:GO, how can we ignore the Valve Anti-Cheat system! According to the steam community forums, there are cheaters literally everywhere in every game and that lead to the game being dead. Besides that, if you look closely, you may notice a tremendous influx of players in the game. But it is true that there are cheaters in the game to a great extent. Anyways, we are not interested in 13 years old’s 3 dollar cheats.
Instead, let’s talk about the professional players who cheated and got a ban on their faces. Pros like KQLY and Emilio, had been immediately VACed in 2014. Since then, there has been only one high-profile ban case, the forsaken ban; who got cheating on stage on LAN in 2018. Now let’s talk about some pros who are accused of cheating and didn’t get banned for some spicy rumors. Flusha, CS:GO’s most wanted player, Shoxie and Bialy. Now the main conspiracy arises, and that is: all of the pros are cheating, or at least most of them. One fine example of why they don’t get caught by the VAC is the EPO cheats, right here and here.

Yes, a hardware cheat that controls your mouse not even from the PC you play the game. So now it is impossible for any program on the computer to find out about that. How is Valve gonna overcome this? I don’t know. And I don’t think even Valve would know. Now the main question arises. And that is, does Valve know the cheating scene? If these hardware hacks, which are basically impossible for any system to notice, are being used by pros, there is no way the faculty does not know about that right?
So the conclusion to the theory arises, and that is: valve knows about the cheats used in professional matches, but is quiet and not taking actions not to damage the well-known game’s and the developers’ reputation.

CS:GO Sites Mafia

So, there had been RUMORS that many CS:GO case sites and betting sites are being quietly bought up by a single multinational company. Now before continuing this topic, I’d like to remind you again that these are “rumors”. The centrifugal thing is, that all the sites being bought up by a single corporation, or company. But in the end, there has not been any hard proofs about that. Now let’s talk about monarch (@CSGOEmpireV2 owner of the website CSGO empire), who started a massive tweet chain, called (#CSGOCaseMafia). He accused a bunch of websites of being a part of this, and as expected, got much public attention. Now let’s think he did that as a competitor to all the other sites. Sound legit right? But again, he didn’t have hard pieces of evidence of that.

Now, look at all that from your point of view. Could such a mafia exist? Would it be profitable to the ones who are buying up all the sites? And the answer is, YES. As most of the small site owners are not public faces, it would be easier to transfer a site and let it be controlled by the one who bought it. Looks easy. Let’s look at why would someone do all of that. First, these betting sites and case opening sites are highly profitable to the owner. Second, if you own most of the websites it would be much more profitable because the individual sites won’t have to undercut each other. Thus minimizing the cost of marketing and development. Voila! You have maximized the profit now. 
Conclusion: It would be much more profitable if someone buys up most of the CSGO gambling and case opening sites so why won’t big corporations try to do that. Even if they are not doing that, there’s a pretty good chance they would try to do this in the near future. Seems plausible, right?

The Tempo Storm Theory

This is the theory that was pointed out cleverly by the Reddit user /u/Stuweb on the subreddit /r/CounterStrike 3 years ago. The theory follows Reynad, an ex-pro Hearthstone player and the founder of the organization Tempo Storm. Now, Tempo Storm recently sold their CSGO roster to Immortals for an obviously good amount of money. We know all too well at the moment because of the drama with KGN at that time.

From now, this gets complicated. Tempo Storm acquires a new Brazilian on August 11th, 2017. The month before Tempo Storm acquires the new BR Roster, they set up an EU team and ship them to NA. Reynad plants KNG into the Immortals team as a Tempo Storm spy in order to destroy Immortals from the inside. Immortals fall apart, people are jumping ship and asking to leave. Now, Immortals are no longer a strong threat to Tempo Storm’s new NA EU team. Where are Immortals going to get a new BR team from? Oh, that’s right, Tempo Storm’s BR roster. Tempo Storm has their NA EU team as their new primary team whilst the BR players are sold to Immortals again for a hefty price.
Conclusion: All this was planned by Reynad from the moment he sold the original BR roster to Immortals, the guy was playing 10D chess whilst we were busy drooling over juicy drama and playing snakes and ladders. Reynald’s a mastermind?

Aight folks, that’s all. These were the three of many conspiracy theories towards Valve and CS:GO. Many theories like CTs are the bad guys actually, Inferno radio cult chants, and fake overwatch bans, and All the CSGO betting sites are from the valve but they let YouTubers and other people run it for a small percentage meanwhile Valve gets all the money from betting sites easy for Valve. But sometime later on about that. 

See You Later!


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