Publisher Meridiem Games is thrilled to announce that the special boxed edition of Death’s Gambit: Afterlife for Nintendo is out now and available from European specialist retail stores. Published by Serenity Forge and developed by White Rabbit, Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is a challenging 2D platformer with deep RPG elements set in a medieval world shrouded in mystery, and inhabited by immortal souls. Players will step into the role of the Sorun, a servant of  Death, and must learn new skills and master an array of weapons as they seek to destroy the source of immortality. 

Meridiem Games, in conjunction with Serenity Forge, will be responsible for the manufacture and European distribution of the special boxed edition of Death’s Gambit: Afterlife. The box itself will include a specially created box with artwork of Sorun on the cover, a unique art book, and a double-sided poster. 

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is a new, expanded edition of the 2D action RPG platformer,  offering players a wealth of new content to experience; including 20 challenging leves (double the original release) 3 new endings, a total of 32 new weapons (from the original 11) as well as 6 new bosses and an increase to over 100 talents. 

​​​​​​​Death's Gambit: Afterlife Special Edition

Players will face terrifying enemies and battle against legendary bosses utilising an arsenal of weapons and powerful abilities in combat scenarios that demand not only skill but also strategy and creativity to prevail. Choosing from seven playable classes, players are able to customise their character with new equipment and talents, as well as choose their own playstyle as they prepare to die, a lot, in a brutal and unforgiving world.

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife special boxed edition for Nintendo Switch is available now in European specialist retail stores.

About Meridiem Games

Meridiem Games is an independent publisher and distributor of video games for all platforms. The whole Meridiem Games team is focused on satisfying the demand of gamers who love physical editions, titles like Fahrenheit 15Th Anniversary PS4, KUNAI Day One Edition NSW, Daymare: 1998 Black Edition PS4, Pang Adventures Buster Edition PS4/NSW, etc… have been released in their physical edition thanks to Meridiem Games.

About Serenity Forge

Based in Boulder, Colorado, video game development and publishing studio Serenity Forge prides itself on the care and dedication it put into its work, creating meaningful games that challenge the way you think. Firm believers in the artistic, cultural, and educational power of video games, Serenity Forge aims to craft unique interactive experiences to broaden players’ horizons and expand their perspectives.

About White Rabbit

White Rabbit is an indie game studio founded by Jean Canellas and Alex Kubodera in Los Angeles, California. With a passion for challenging games, White Rabbit created Death’s Gambit, a passion project of 7 years, and now one of the largest Metroidvania on the market.

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