Developer Arrowfist Games and publisher Super.com are excited to announce that high-octane rogue-lite shooter Deflector has been unleashed on Steam Early Access today. Mixing up bullet hell mechanics and rogue-lite gameplay for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, Deflector is packed with an incredible arsenal of futuristic weapons and abilities that lets Players shoot and smash their way through alien worlds to the explosive beat of a thrashing heavy metal soundtrack. Deflector’s titular mechanic allows players to turn the tables on their enemies, with the ability to deflect attacks and deal out devastating damage on the rebound.

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Stepping into the microscopic world of Deflector, players take control of an experimental ‘Specimen’. Each Specimen is gifted with unique abilities that can be modified and customised to suit individual playstyles by collecting DNA strains discovered across the game’s environments. Each playthrough offers a unique, non-linear journey through the game’s alien landscapes, packed full of distinct enemy types, environmental challenges, and surprises lurking around every corner. 

Deflector’s free-form upgrade system allows players to evolve their Specimen with a variety of different skill combinations to wreak havoc across the battlefield as they push back the hordes of nasty viruses intent on taking them down. The flexibility offered by these upgrade paths allows for vastly different attack and movement options between Specimens, while their attacks can range from damage-dealing electric chains, explosive Specimen clones, and even the ability to raise the ground itself.

Players can also download the free playable experience, Deflector: Specimen Zero, on Steam to get some combat practice and a first-hand go at the wild gameplay possibilities Deflector has to offer. Specimen Zero gives players a thirty-minute replayable sequence within the chaotic world of Deflector, and completing it will unlock an exclusive specimen skin that can be equipped when the game launches into Early Access. 


  • Enter the eye of the bullet storm and experience explosive combat in a tidal wave of missiles, lasers and more!
  • Flip the switch and deflect enemy attacks right back at them using the innovative deflection mechanic
  • Combine upgrades and unlock powerful game-altering abilities and combos with Deflector’s free-form upgrade system
  • Enjoy the heavy metal soundtrack, which sets the tone for the chaotic nature of this microcosmic world

Deflector is available to download now on Steam for $14.99, but early adopters can enjoy a 10% discount until February 2nd. Follow the game’s journey through Early Access by visiting the official website and following the ArrowFist Games team on Twitter. Interact with the team and the Deflector community by joining the official Discord server.

About Super.com

Super.com is a video game, technology, and investment firm that not only publishes outstanding action games across all significant modern gaming platforms but also invests in upcoming and innovative development studios across the globe. Its mission is to eliminate borders, create an immersive and inclusive environment for gamers, and provide game developers with the audience, funds, and recognition they need to flourish.

About Arrowfist Games

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Arrowfist Games is a small, independent game development studio composed of veteran developers with previous experience developing virtual reality systems and mobile. The studio came together in 2020 as part of a video game startup accelerator and began work on their first project, Deflector. Their shared experiences in education and game development have led them to form a singular goal as a studio: to create innovative games through fresh and creative ideas. 

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