Dusk Wave Arts LLC reveals the trailer for DelphyQ, which will be released in Early Access on October 8, 2021. DELPHYQ is a real-time strategy and tactics game that puts you in the seat of a Mastermind. Analyze the overall situation, evaluate your options and available missions, plan your squadron’s assault and execute your decisive plan.

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In a dystopian sci-fi world, your goal is to end the tyrannical corporate armistice known as the Balance. As the Mastermind of an elite group of combatants known as Operators, you make key strategical decisions based on the intel you collected to plan your unit’s every move. Your choices will determine the outcome of the encounters your soldiers will face.

But make no mistake, you can’t rest on your laurels after a successful mission in Delphyq. The enemy AI learns from your tactics to better counter you in the next one.

Early Access

From October 19th and the arrival of Delphyq in Early Access, players will be able to enjoy all the features presented as well as 3 tactical maps to master. 4 new maps will be added during the EA, as well as possible features to improve the gamers’ experience with Delphyq.


  • REAL TACTICS IN REAL TIME: The Waypoint System allows players to perform real-life military maneuvers like Slice the Pie, Flanking, and more.
  • BE THE MASTERMIND: The Planning Interface allows you to plan your approach, plot out your team’s path, and utilize intel brokers to provide you with a better perspective of your target mission.
  • POWERFUL AI: Take on intelligent, utility-based AI enemies that learn from your tactics and adapt to make your mission more difficult to accomplish.
  • WE DON’T PLAY WITH DICE: Everything in Delphyq happens purely based on strategy, not a random number generator.
  • OPERATIVES: 7 different types of Operatives are available (Infiltrator, Heavy, Tech, 2 Close Quarters Specialists, Sniper and Medic).
  • ABILITIES: Each Operative can have up to 5 special and unique abilities.
  • TAKE COVER: The Dynamic Cover System guarantees available cover wherever units may be.
  • INTEL: You can obtain helpful information by completing different types of objectives (primary, secondary, and loot) during a mission or by purchasing them.
  • NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS: Follow the story of the Operatives as they commit to taking down a corrupt corporate armistice known as the Balance.
  • MAPS: EA grants you access to 3 challenging maps. 4 other maps will be added during the EA.

About Dusk Wave Arts LLC

The studio is composed of a team of passionate, hard-working, chill human beings who enjoy working together driven by a common goal: “To be the best that we can be in bringing forth the best art form we can offer.” In everything that we do, we seek to tell engaging stories, create compelling experiences that we, ourselves, would enjoy, and deliver entertainment that serves as compulsive pastimes.

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