Dragon Raja is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on Feb. 27, with a free superb motor Rosy Milk for every beloved player, but that’s not all. The 2nd-anniversary celebration, with the theme of “2 Dragon Raja, This is Our Story”, has double the rewards in store for players compared to the first anniversary and plenty of events to help fans celebrate one of the most engaging and beloved MMOPRGs.

Anniversary Activities and Gifts Galore

The team has created a series of memorable events honoring the story Dragon Raja and all players have built together over the last two years, with plenty of rewards on offer just for logging in. Along with the 2nd anniversary limited Rosy Milk motor, players will also receive avatars, advanced gems, Gold Dragonblood Skills, and materials. Each event offers massive rewards as well. Players can also choose to make a wish to the Wish Giftbox, try their luck in the Sakura Windchime, or collect fragments for the Mirror of Dreams. 

Fan Artwork Joins the Game!

For the first time, fan artwork is being added as backdrops to Dragon Raja’s loading page, and the three most popular cosplay creations will be drawn as avatars and sent to all players as anniversary gifts. The Dragon Raja website now also has a broad collection of fan art paintings, cosplay, and players’ messages.

A Grand Open World That’s Getting Bigger Every Year

Dragon Raja’s densely packed open world instantly endeared it to players around the globe, and it’s grown ever since. From getting married and throwing a party, to standing in the street to cause a traffic jam, Dragon Raja lets players live and explore their ideal fantasy life – and there’s even more on the way. 2022 has already seen exciting new additions such as the fishing contest and a robust gardening system, and the team plans to add more classes and activities later this year.

Stunning Graphics and Extensive Customization

Dragon Raja uses the advanced Unreal Engine 4 to create this unforgettable world and everyone who inhabits it. Players can bring their ideal fantasy character to life however they want with some of the most detailed and attractive graphics on mobile devices.

A Dedicated Developer

Archosaur Games, the developer, and publisher of Dragon Raja has been engaged in the American and European gaming markets for years and was one of the first Chinese companies to use Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Archosaur Games cultivates the best game developers and continues to use the latest technology, including Unreal Engine 5. The company is planning to launch more substantial content this year as they strive to bring better gaming experiences to all players.

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