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Dyflexion Coming to PC March 9, 2022!
By kylebynight Posted in Blog, Gaming, PC on February 19, 2022 0 Comments 1 min read
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Dyflexion Gameplay Video

About the Game

  • Journey through space to save Earth from evil inter-dimensional beings and their Anunnaki serpents in this sci-fi vertical scroll shooter where deflecting enemy projectiles is key to success.
  • Destroy your enemies with upgradable lasers, targeting torpedoes, area of explosion cannons, or deflecting their own projectiles.
  • Get help with power-ups, upgrades, tips, and exchanging your score for munitions, life, and upgrades or vice versa in the armory.
  • Play the survival mini-game that takes you through endless waves of bullet-hell and get the best scores with the online leaderboards.

Inspired by Xevious, 1942, and Star Fox. This game features deflecting enemy projectiles back at them, dodging and deflecting your way through obstacles, encountering epic boss battles, online leaderboards, and a tutorial level. Look for the game on the Steam, Itchio, Kartridge, and Microsoft stores on March 9th, 2022!

About Pisces Studios

Pisces Studios is a startup indie developer and publisher founded by Matthew Gianfrancesco on October 4, 2018, and operates from his home office. Matthew Gianfrancesco is the sole proprietor of Pisces Studios and has zero employees making his games truly indie. Dyflexion, formerly known as Aberration, will be Pisces Studio’s first game to ever be completed and published. Matthew Gianfrancesco started his game-making career at the age of 12, self-taught using RPG maker 2000 and Game Maker 5. Throughout the years he’s always wanted to make his hobby his day job and hopes Dyflexion will be the start of such a dream.

Guest post by @Pisces_Studios


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