After over 4 years of development, XperimentalZ Games Inc. officially announces Escape the Mad Empire, which will be coming out in Early Access for PC on the Steam Store in early 2023.

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Escape The Mad Empire takes on the challenging task of mixing a variety of genres like traditional roguelikes (procedural dungeon generation, perma-death, and emergent gameplay), party-based tactical RPG (deep party-based tactical RPG combat experience, questing), base-building RPG (game structure and management) and even a touch of action-RPG (crazy magic items, humor, art inspiration, and intensity).

The story is about an empire mining and using extremely powerful magic crystals to create all sorts of abominations and crazy experiments which all backfired dramatically. As he progresses, the player will explore the various apocalypses caused by the Mad Empire across several dimensions.

The core loop is made of dungeon crawling adventures meant to feel like a traditional roguelike game (with procedural dungeon generation and perma-death), but based on party-based real-time combat mechanics.

Those ‘runs’ are organized in mission structures that can be completed for rewards and progress. As the player progresses through missions, the story will evolve and new apocalypses, quests, threats, and environments will be revealed. Between missions, the player will have the opportunity to manage his teams of adventurers and upgrade his base.

The combat system bridges real-time and turn-based tactical RPG (fast combats and precisions of actions) by using a system of real-time combat with instant actions on pause. This approach encourages the player to chain a series of actions on pause (made by different party members or using bonus actions) that can turn the tide of the battle instantly.

The game also shines through its combat system because of the tactical depth introduced by the numerous mechanics. Terrain and surface effects like water, fire, oil, ice, acid, poison, etc., flanking, positioning, cover, resource management, hundreds of spells, skills, and items that introduce all sorts of special mechanics, consumables with contextual effects, etc., all leading to high replayability, dramatic situations and emergent gameplay.

Main Features:

  • Core game loop consisting in rogue-lite procedural dungeons adventures with perma-death
  • Campaign Mode that allows the player to manage adventurers and upgrade his base between missions
  • Deep, rich and intense party-based tactical RPG battle system 
  • Real-time combat with Instant-actions on pause system that bridges the gap between real-time and turn-based combat
  • Hundreds of spells, items consumables with contextual actions and special mechanics that work together to bring emergent gameplay
  • Boss Battles
  • Epic Runs Mode (closer that we find in traditional roguelikes)

About XperimentalZ Games:

XperimentalZ Games Inc. is a small indie studio that published 7 games on mobile between 2010 and 2016, reaching millions of players, with several of those titles getting recognition from the press and Apple. The enterprise started its conversion for the PC market in 2016 and has been working full-time on its first PC title ever since.

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