Splinter Cell Remake

The requests of fans have finally been listened to. Ubisoft revises the Splinter Cell series with the development of a Splinter Cell remake.

The remake, which was announced on Ubisoft’s website, will be created by lead studio Ubisoft Toronto, the creators of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It will be constructed from the ground up with the Snowdrop engine, which is utilized in The Division titles, the forthcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game, and Ubisoft’s unnamed Star Wars game.

An interview was also listed along with the announcement with the three directors on the project- Creative Director Chris Auty, Producer Matt West, and Technical Producer Peter Handrinos, Creative Director Chris Auty, Producer Matt West, and Technical Producer Peter Handrinos

In the interview, Producer Matt West said, “So, I think it kind of has to be a remake as opposed to a remaster. Although we’re still in the very earliest stages of development, what we’re trying to do is make sure the spirit of the early games remains intact, in all of the ways that gave early Splinter Cell its identity.” 

“Splinter Cell was a breakthrough in stealth – as Matt mentioned, it was “stealth redefined” with a huge focus on getting that core gameplay right above all, and delivering on an ideal: be a ghost.” Says Chris Auty. “It’s important for us to preserve the sense of mastery by supporting players who observe the situations, make their plan, use their gadgets, and outsmart the enemy creatively to deal with the challenges they are presented with. Ideally, they end up coming out on the other side with no one having realized you were even there. That’s the essence of Splinter Cell.”

Auty also said that this game could be a new beginning of Splinter Cell at Ubisoft. “With this remake, we are building a solid base for the future of Splinter Cell.”

No other details have been mentioned other than the interview and the announcement. A release date has not been stated by Ubisoft nor has it been revealed which platforms it will be available on. Likely, the game will be released in the next several years on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Recalling, Ubisoft had also announced a Splinter Cell VR title.

While we are excited about the new Splinter Cell, let’s just wish that the remake does not end up like the GTA Trilogy Remastered.

Stalker 2 NFT’S Fiasco

GSC Game World, the developer of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl, had revealed that the planned sequel would be backed by several connected NFTs when it comes to 2022. This meant that the NFTs would allow the user to become the “first-ever metahuman” (AKA an NPC in the game). They stated that Stalker 2 would not become a “blockchain-based game,”  that the purchase of NFT’s would not affect the gameplay in any way whatsoever and the purchase was optional. The only change would be the faces of the owner being integrated into the game. The tweet which mentioned this is now deleted.

Deleted Tweet

The tweet elaborated on the decision of the company of using NFT’s with one of the reasons being that all funds that GSC earns from sales of NFTs will go towards game development costs.

This announcement faced quite a backlash from the fans, whereas some were excited and signed up for a Stalker NFT. GSC took the backlash into the record and released another tweet that mentioned that the company would be withdrawing its decision to implement NFT’s.

 They stated that “We hear you. Based on the feedback we received, we’ve made a decision to cancel anything NFT-related in STALKER 2.” They stated that the interest of the fans is their top priority.

Dr Disrespect Launches New Studio

We have a new studio in the industry launched by no other than Dr. Disrespect. Dr. Disrespect, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, has formed a “AAA gaming studio” with former Call of Duty and Halo creators.

Midnight Society is a studio that is, “focused on delivering the best, most community-focused, online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen”. They aim towards an open discussion with the players, taking their feedback and turning it into a game.

“We flip the tables on the traditional video game development model and embrace the ‘Day Zero Community’. That means including our players – yes, you – from the earliest most inception. That could be testing reload times and recoil patterns in a firing range or jumping in for the first-ever PVP sessions. No more “I hope this game will be good.” Be there when your voice can actually make an impact because we want to hear it. Really.”

The site says that the new title is being developed from the new Unreal Engine 5 which will rely on the feedback from the player during the early access. They want “YOUR hands-on experience at all stages of development to drive feature prioritization, pivotal design decisions, and fuel innovation in the shooter genre.”

The studio is open for hiring in some positions: a community manager, designers, engineers, artists, and other positions are listed on the career page. Many job postings need at least five years of expertise in big-budget game development.

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