FILMECHANISM, the record and restore puzzle platformer developed by Chemical Pudding and published by Phoenixx, makes a surprise red carpet debut today on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC after premiering during the Japanese Nintendo Indie World showcase.


Bend the rules of space and time as Rec, a camera humanoid exploring a new star system, to solve hundreds of brain-teasing puzzles. Each level contains canisters of film to ‘record’ the current state of the stage and its boxes, locked doors, and other interactive elements. Push blocks, collect keys and jump around, but Rec’s going to need help to complete each level and find their golden film canister.

When necessary, ‘restore’ the level state, and suddenly elements transform from obstacles to helpful ways to reach the goal flag. Get to the other side of a pushable block by recording the level, pushing the block out of the way to get on the other side, then restoring and pushing it left. Unlock a door blocking the way, then restore the level to return the door to its original state, and jump on top of it to reach new heights. Spikes that fell from the ceiling no longer block Rec’s path, and the goal flag might just be in reach! 

Levels start out simple enough, with one film canister and a few traps standing between Rec and the goal, but things don’t stay easy for long. Soon stages involve multiple film canisters, and Rec might need to restore the level in a different order than how they recorded it. Levels start to introduce more devious trap setups, so make sure to not restore a scene to where a block might crush Rec, or restore a block in the spot where they’re currently standing!

Advance through 6 worlds with more than 200 stages that will test puzzle-solving skills but also timing and platforming skill. Start to go down the path of Normal difficulty stages which provide a manageable challenge for newcomers and a smooth experience. Then increase the adversity with Hard stages introducing more complicated puzzles. Finally, go after a truly devilish test with Hell levels. 

Help comes from a supportive hint system where Gold earned from completing levels can show the first move in each stage, and where to record and restore. Try to complete each level as fast as possible to earn record times, and enjoy a pixel art style making use of a color palette inspired by Game Boy Color games.

“We wanted to make a puzzle platformer that would both be something you could relax and enjoy while challenging those who like to conquer difficult tasks,” said Tarrcake, indie game developer and founder of Chemical Pudding. “We’d like to thank the testers who had to wrack their brains to try and solve what became the Hell levels in FILMECHANISM! Good luck!”

FILMECHANISM is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99 / €16.79, with 15% off from today until January 4, 2022, on Nintendo Switch in the Americas, Jan. 5 on Steam, and Jan. 6 on the eShop for Switch in Europe.

About Chemical Pudding

An independent game development studio based in Tokyo and founded by indie developer Tarrcake, Chemical Pudding’s previous title Ten People Ten Color previously received recognition as a nominee for the Tokyo Game Show 2019 Media Award, previously won the Tokyo Game Show 2019 Media Award 4Gamer Indies Category Nomination for its title Ten People Ten Color which was also featured in Apple store’s “5 Recommended Games of the Week” and “Today’s Games”. 

About Phoenixx

Established in 2019 by industry veterans, Phoenixx aims to support innovative and creative developers from Japan and around the world. Its mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one creator, one game, and one community at a time.

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