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Forever Fight: A Poem about Inazuma from Genshin Impact
By Melanpiriks Posted in Blog, Gaming on October 20, 2022 0 Comments 2 min read
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Took a while but here’s my poem about Genshin’s region of Inazuma (or more accurately the Archon that rules it). Ei is so far my favourite character in the gayme so I really tried to make this good.

Forever Fight

Born into battle
A war of bloodied blade
For eternity

A nation separated by the seas
Working to be visited by peace
Cunning and robust as their tree
I beg of you time, let them be

Flowers of blood blossom on the field
Conflict within the people’s heart
As much as for the outside’s shield
Inner machinations do their part

The feathers plucked, the scales turned
Marks forever left, torn asunder
Nothing escaped the rightful thunder
In front of my sword the temporary burned

I do this for no praise
Forever safety is my intent
Once you are condemned
Be another scar in space

Yet like celestial venom, ambition rose
Another garden growing inside
Yet the end is never near
Eternity seems so wide

I am but the weapon, the plan is not mine
Either aligned demon guides the way
Or Dearest who had too short to stay
Shall I fall in their defence, my guilt will be fine

Reminiscent of days dead and gone
Warrior of prowess unmatched
Priestess’s will inferior to none
Oni strong and unhatched

Most important in this group however
Someone I could forget never
The wielder of sword, master of pen
Seeing a beautiful vision even then

Trying to leave their legacy with no stains
Solely promised companion remains
Unwanted reminders behind her cocky smile
Thinking I deserve her is the biggest lie
Yet still can’t bring myself to say goodb-

Back into isolation the survivor went
More of a shadow than ever
But during darkest work I lament
That some bonds no eternity can sever

In roots collects darkness of yore
Spirits of past times wash ashore
Calamity’s remnants the weather bend
Infinitely, never coming to an end

Prevailing my mind through every fight
Never wavering in my might
Enemies, be filled with fright
Honour will guide my strike

All things are settled
The opposition on the run
Rest yet never come

Vow to never change was not ignored
Betrayal ever strikes so near
Companion, behaviour quite queer
Opens rifts so unexplored

Tantalising treats of invention
Words full of fantasy unfold
Imagery beyond comprehension
Losing rights of ascension
Levitated sights formerly hold

Judgement of past self essential
Termination of all doubts
While eternity has soothing potential
On change the future sprouts

#Genshin Impact #poetry #videogames

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