Having unveiled the first glimpse of gameplay back in January 2022, Far From Home has pulled back the curtain on the extended gameplay trailer for Forever Skies as part of the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase, unearthing more secrets of the upcoming game. The highly anticipated sci-fi action survival surrounding climate change is heading to Steam Early Access in 2022 with consoles to follow.

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Far From Home’s new trailer follows Forever Skies’ main protagonist; a lone scientist, desperately searching for answers in the aftermath of an ecological disaster in which civilization, as we know it on Earth, has been completely destroyed. Both on foot and in their fully adaptable airship, players must explore ruins above and below the dust in this strange new world, collecting samples and hunting for specific virus strains to find a cure for what remains of humanity, currently displaced in Earth’s orbit. New Scientific technology, particularly the use of nanobot repair systems and advances in biology and biotechnology, will aid players on their journey. But the surface has become a dangerous and inhospitable environment in humanity’s absence. Evolved Fauna and Flora and curious new microorganisms have emerged, making humans now alien to their home planet. 

Gamers can look forward to verticality in gameplay in Forever Skies as they are tasked with reaching specific locations, however treacherous, both above and below the dust cloud. They will also be challenged further by Forever Skies dynamic weather system, often unforgiving and unpredictable.

Complete with full building and damage systems, the high-tech, customizable airship will be essential to players in Forever Skies. Not only is of the most efficient mode of transport; it will also provide shelter and be a laboratory for conducting research, growing food, and crafting tools for survival.

About Far From Home

Far From Home is a crew of experienced developers of games in the AAA and indie segments. The studio positions as AA+, blending their expertise and know-how in premium products, and willingness to further venture into tackling games with deeper meaning and mature subject matter. Formed in April 2020, the team is based in Wroclaw Poland with members having worked on such prestigious titles as Dying Light, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite, and the Divinity Original Sin Series. Their first title, Forever Skies, is currently in development and is planned for release on PC and consoles. Forever Skies is a first-person, survival-based game taking place on a ruined Earth after an ecological disaster that wiped out humanity.

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