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HAEGIN's New Mobile Game, Super Baseball League Global Launch
By Other News Posted in News on June 1, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Mobile game developer HAEGIN officially released the brand new casual PvP mobile sports game Super Baseball League on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Super Baseball League is a new mobile game that shares the same universe as “Homerun Clash”, HAEGIN’s flagship game that made a name in the global baseball game market. The game juggles fast-paced gameplay with various competitive avenues and ease of use, much like its predecessor, while highlighting pitching, running, and elements of a real baseball game in a 1vs1 tie-breaker rule.

Players will be able to collect and strengthen players with their own unique set of skills and stats to draft a team for their strategy and challenge the upper ranks of the Global Rankings. A match’s victor will be decided by each user’s control and employed strategy. At the same time, random elements like being the Home/Away team and the lineup order will spice the competition up.

Furthermore, modes besides the 1vs1 “Super League”, such as the “World League” where users can deploy players and earn rewards based on the results of the match, “Situational Drills” where users can raise a player’s stats, and “Memory Fragments” where users can write their team’s legacy through various stages will be available. Moreover, popular batters who have shown off their skills in “Homerun Clash” will also be making appearances.

Super Baseball League was officially released on the global Google Play and the App Store, excluding China, began its soft launch in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Philippines, and the Netherlands on February 17th, and supports five languages including Korean, English, Chinese(Traditional), Japanese, and Spanish.


HAEGIN is a developer of mobile games based in Seoul, South Korea. Led by 20-year industry veteran Youngil Lee, a founding member of Com2uS Corp. well-known for the global hit RPG Summoners War, HAEGIN has received substantial investments from the Storm Ventures Fund, Tencent, and other key investors in the game industry. Since its founding in 2017, HAEGIN has grown to include over 100 people who work passionately to create uniquely entertaining games that players from all over the world can enjoy. Its first title, Homerun Clash is a fresh take on the arcade-style home run derby genre with more than 5 million downloads and is currently the 13th and 17th highest-grossing sports game on Google Play and the App Store respectively. After the successful debut of futuristic close-quarter action title Overdox and multiplayer golf brawl title Extreme Golf, HAEGIN launched their latest casual social-network title Play Together in April 2021. The company is planning to utilize its expertise in developing global hits to expand its lineup in the future, including sports games, RPGs, and more.


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