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Hipster Café Enters Early Access
By Other News Posted in News on May 11, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Since launching the free demo of Hipster Café in Steam Next Fest in February, we’ve had an incredible amount of invaluable player feedback. We want to keep working with our players to make sure the game is the best it can be, and we think the right next step for that is to enter early access.

A huge amount of content is already in the game, but naturally, for early access, some systems will still receive more balancing, tweaks, and bug fixes based on player feedback. 

Here are some of the things you can already do in the early access version:

  • Build furniture, decorations, equipment, and entertainment items from a list of over 220 items in your Hipster Café. Hipsters just wanna have fun.
  • Make stupid food by combining 80 weird ingredients, and serving it up on one of eight different “plates”. Manage your menu to impress over 30 different types of hipsters.
  • From filter coffee to cold brew, adjust the flavour of 10 types of coffee, and impress the hipsters by drawing what they ask for with the latte art in their coffee.
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends on social media. Send out a Toot with the right hashtags before the Hot Take timer goes out to gain bonus followers for your café!
  • Research to unlock the improved entertainment items, better café equipment, and more ingredients.
  • Choose the colors and floors of your café, and design its unique logo.
  • Hire and manage your very own staff from more than 30 hireable characters.
  • Call your dad when you run out of money, or just to ask “What’s up?”,

The demo version will remain free for those who prefer to wait for a final release.

About Hipster Café

Hipster Café is a tongue-in-cheek business tycoon game for PC. Mac & Linux ports are also in the works. 

  • Make stupid food, serve it on a skateboard, and impress your friends by drawing in your coffee.
  • Is that a utility object or décor? Customize your space to keep it at the cutting edge of design.
  • Fill your café with the latest greatest entertainments and distractions. You should probably put an ax-throwing range in your café, that seems safe.
  • Keep up to date on the latest trends on social media, and send out a Toot with the right hashtags before the Hot Take timer goes out to get bonus followers.

Use your trust fund to buy up some old warehouse building in the run-down part of town than market it to the nouveau riche in a cynical attempt to drive up property prices. Call dad when you run out of money and hope he doesn’t make you get a ‘real job’. Can you successfully navigate the shifting waters of pop culture in order to market your eatery to the hippest demographic?

About useful slug

useful slug is a small indie studio run by Technical Director by Day / Game Developer by night Vegard Myklebust. Together with a rag-tag team of freelancers convinced by charm or small-scale bribery, they’ve cobbled together a game about life in a hipster café, while sitting on their laptops in Loading Bar in Dalston, in the heart of Hipster London.


#gamer #simulation #Strategy

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