Keen Games will use Hiro and Tencent’s $10 million to expand game development and to publish their upcoming open-world sandbox title, the spiritual successor to the hugely popular Portal Knights. Portal Knights sold over 3.5M copies and have been played by millions of more players around the world.

With this new capital investment, Keen has a bright future as a well-funded studio equipped to retain its creative and publishing independence. Keen Games is currently hiring multiple positions for their next massive project, and interested parties can send a CV or Resume to jobs@keengames.com.

“We are delighted to be investing in such a stellar team.  From the first moments playing their game prototype, we knew that they were on track to bottle lightning again and build upon the success of Portal Knights, a game that has been played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world”  said Cherry Freeman, a co-Founding Partner at Hiro Capital.

“Hiro was founded to work with great games entrepreneurs to help them scale, whilst keeping control of their destiny. Jan, Pete, Antony, Jonas, Dennis, and Julien are world-class creators at the top of their game and we are excited to be backing their vision” said Ian Livingstone, co-Founding Partner at Hiro. 

  • Keen’s new title will be the spiritual successor to Portal Knights which sold over 3.5m copies and has been played by many millions more;
  • The Keen team is led by Jan Joeckel, Pete Walentin, Antony Christoulakis, Jonas Drinnenberg, Dennis Ranke and Julien Koenen. All are veterans of the games industry who have been making games for the last 30+ years;
  • The studio is developing an open-world, multiplayer sandbox action RPG where players can build their own kingdom, explore, fight and adventure together in a world full of mystery;
  • The game will be cross-platform on PC and console;
  • Keen now want to take their destiny into their own hands by self-publishing their next title and Hiro and Tencent’s investment allows them to build out this muscle;
  • In addition to building the new game, the studio has developed their own voxel-based engine which allows them to create a massive, living open world that is fully interactive and terraform-able – allowing players an unprecedented level of UGC creative freedom;
  • The game is scheduled for release in 2023;
  • This is Hiro Capital’s 16th investment overall and the eighth studio to join the portfolio alongside Twin Suns, Polyarc, Double Loop, Snowprint Studios, Flavourworks, Lightfox, and FRVR.

“We are incredibly excited to start a brand new chapter for Keen Games with the development of our next title and transition to a self-publishing studio.” Said Jan Joeckel, CEO of Keen Games. “We found in Hiro and Tencent two very strong partners that are aligned with our vision of taking the studio to the next level.”

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About Keen Games

Keen Games is one of the leading independent video game developers in Germany. The Frankfurt-based company is run by veterans of game development having successfully developed games for over 30 years. We focus on the development of Creative RPGs: Epic adventures where players shape a world and their character to define their own journey within it. We believe the more creative and experience the more compelling the adventure. Since our inception, we’ve been crafting our own tools and technology. Our proprietary voxel engine allows us to create vast and lush open worlds that can be fully terraformed and modified by our players.

About Hiro Capital

Hiro Capital is a London / Luxembourg Technology Venture Capital fund that invests in the UK, US, and European innovators in Games, Metaverse Technology, Esports, and Digital Fitness. Hiro Capital generally invests at the post-seed Series A and B stages. We invest both in front-end Content creators in Games, Esports, and Digital Sports and in deep tech Metaverse applications of Cloud, Mobile, Streaming, Big Data, AI, Wearables, AR, and VR technologies. – https://hiro.capital/

About Tencent

Tencent uses technology to enrich the lives of Internet users. Our communication and social services, Weixin and QQ, connect users with each other and with digital content and services, both online and offline, making their lives more convenient. Our targeted advertising service helps advertisers reach out to hundreds of millions of consumers in China. Our FinTech and business services support our partners’ business growth and assist their digital upgrade.

Tencent invests heavily in talent and technological innovation, actively promoting the development of the Internet industry. Tencent was founded in Shenzhen, China, in 1998. Shares of Tencent (00700.HK) are listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. 

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