Snowboard or die!

Infinite State Games (creators of Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!, Rogue Aces, Family Tree) are proud to announce the official launch of ‘Horatio Goes Snowboarding’. Hire aboard, get to the chopper, hit the slopes, rinse and repeat! It’s a score attack game of vehicle dodging, gate passing, yeti avoiding, and of course, skier harassment.

Find Horatio Goes Snowboarding on Steam

Imagine someone took all those retro winter sports arcade games from back in the day, added a bit of comic violence and a load of drum and bass, then mixed ‘em all together in a gorgeous 3D cartoony world. That’s Horatio Goes Snowboarding! And today on 20th September 2021, we released our version 1.0 live to Steam.

Here we go then, lovely boys!

To celebrate his retirement from work, Horatio has decided to tick off the last thing on his bucket list: go snowboarding.

Each fresh day starts with Horatio emerging from his hotel (or hospital depending on how the previous day went), hell-bent on getting on the slopes as quickly as possible. He’ll dodge psychotic levels of traffic to get to the helicopter which carries him to the top of the mountain.

Then it’s down to just you and the procedurally generated slopes as our bobble-hatted hero descend increasingly fast, more hazardous slopes aiming for that perfect run. Get to the bottom, and the next day you can try again for even more points to add towards your global leader board entry.

Until that is, you’re out of money to pay for your hospital bills and board hire. Then the holiday is officially over.

Classic Winter Sports Japery

If Skiing, SkiFree, or Horace Goes Skiing were ever part of your life, you’ll know how much fun a simple winter sports game can be. And if you’ve ever played an Infinite State Games videogame, you’ll know simple but deep, gratuitously replayable arcade experiences are what we do best. We’ve distilled our favourite parts of those old games, added a bunch of modern mechanics plus online leaderboards, to create the ultimate tribute to those classic arcades wintery good times.

We’ve also hidden away an Endless Mode which is unlocked when you’ve scored a cumulative total of 1,000,000 points in the main campaign game. But this isn’t just any old Endless Mode, this is an ISG Endless Mode, so turn up your speakers and get close to the screen because things are gonna get synesthetic!

From Early Access to Final

We spent months in Early Access tweaking and honing gameplay until it was tight as could be, but we didn’t do this alone. We listened to the feedback of hundreds of players and worked with our amazing community on Twitter and Discord to not only perfect our own ideas but to get inspiration from other folk’s memories of these classic snow-based action games.

Come get some codes!

If you’re a journalist or streamer who’d like a copy of our game, you can request one from our PressEngine site.

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