Global publisher and game developer, XD Inc has announced that Freebird Games’ famed adventure, Finding Paradise, is heading to iOS and Android devices. 

Find Finding Paradise on Steam

First released in 2017 on PC, the story-driven adventure and sequel to ‘To the Moon’ and ‘A Bird Story’ spans a single lifetime, and follows two doctors traversing through a dying man’s memories to fulfill his last wish.

The mobile version has been developed from the ground up by XD Inc, with Finding Paradise having originally received universal critical acclaim (10/10 Steam, 81% Metacritic & 97% Humble Bundle) when it first launched. The mobile remaster builds on this and completely reworks the visuals, with stunning HD gameplay that players have never seen before.

With a brand new trailer featuring the original creator of The Moon series, Kan Gao, the tongue-in-cheek reel not only sees him enter into the Finding Paradise world but also showcases just some of the many reasons why the saga is held in such high esteem.

Players can pre-register their interest for Finding Paradise on TapTapwhile they can learn more about the mobile remaster during the ‘TapTap Presents’ showcase on July 17th.

Mobile Features & Optimizations:

  • Remastered original pixel style art with HD visual designed for mobile devices
  • Brand new mobile-friendly UI and menu design
  • Tap controls and virtual joystick for mobile native game mechanics
  • Auto-save feature to facilitate shorter playtimes.

Game features:

  • An immersive story-driven adventure RPG
  • All original soundtracks from Kan Gao and friends
  • A story that’s inspired by the creator’s real life experience
  • Set in an immersive world originating in the game To the Moon
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