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​​​​​​​Insurmountable: Roguelike Mountaineering Adventure Climbs to New Heights with Update 2.0
By Other News Posted in News on April 27, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Insurmountable, the roguelike adventure where you bravely tackle the intimidating heights of three mighty mountains, today receives a major free update, adding a whole new meta-game with side missions, a brand-new story, a broader variety of maps, and much more. To properly celebrate the new update, the game is available for free on the Epic Games Store until April 21st. The game is also available on Steam and  

In Insurmountable, players brave three dangerous peaks looking for the ultimate mountaineering challenge. As one of three playable climbers with different backgrounds, they have to manage the terrain, weather, and unpredictable events waiting for them on their adventure. Every decision counts and preparation is key.  

With Update 2.0, the experience gets vastly expanded with an all-new meta-game. Players now have to not only climb the three main mountains but also complete several side-missions. In-between missions, they return to their base camp, proceed with the story, manage their upgrades, and prepare for their next climb. 

Key-Features of Update 2.0: 

  • A brand new story awaits players. Gone are the individual stories. Now, the three characters find themselves in a time loop, caused by the research station which is now their base. They have to free themselves and find out more about the mysteries looming in the mountain range.
  • Base Camp – The base is an almost entirely abandoned research facility in the mountain range. Here, players can choose their next mission, upgrade kit and skills, and decide on which items to bring. 
  • Mountaineering Map –  Found in the base camp, the map indicates which missions are available, which ones are completed, and which ones are not yet unlocked. 
  • Prepare Accordingly – Upgrades and preparing for missions include collecting knowledge in different areas such as items, characters, terrain, and the environment. How much knowledge is received depends on the mission. Knowledge is essential to level up their respective areas (items, character skill trees, team upgrades).
  • Procedurally generated maps are a big part of the 2.0 update as side missions will rely heavily on this feature, allowing players to climb a wider variety of mountains.
  • New Feature: tracking is a new goal that players have to find and reach in order to clear a mission. 
  • The new and improved tutorial will be context-based and offer new players information according to their progress.
  • Balancing & In-game Skills have been completely reworked. 

Insurmountable is currently available on Steam, with the 2.0 update going live on April 14th. At the same time, the game will also be available on GOG and the Epic Game Store – on the EGS for free for a short time. 

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