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Intruder in Antiquonia Coming to Steam on July 8, 2022!
By Other News Posted in News on June 8, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Are you ready to explore a gorgeous world and solve the mystery of Sarah’s past? You might even argue with Internet skeptics…

Find Intruder In Antiquonia on Steam

If your idea of a relaxing evening where you forget your everyday worries is exploring beautiful locations filled with interesting challenges, then this adventure game is for you! And if you long for the days of classic point-and-click adventure games, you must try the demo right away.

Wife-and-husband indie developers Aruma Studios has announced the release date for their first full-length adventure game, Intruder in Antiquonia. The game will be coming to Steam on July 8, for Linux, Mac, and Windows. In the meantime, a demo is available for download on the Steam page.

The story takes place in the present day when Sarah is found lying on the road leading to the town of Antiquonia. After recovering, she is diagnosed with amnesia and must stay in the town to learn about her past. She will soon discover that the internet is not welcome in this town, a detail that will prove difficult as she begins to unravel the mystery of her past.

Antiquonia is a beautifully unique town heavily inspired by the Galicia region in Spain, where both developers grew up. Galicia has many beautiful towns full of soul and proud history, and the developers have worked hard to capture this essence in the game’s art style and music.

Intruder in Antiquonia is a classic 2D point-and-click adventure game with high-resolution graphics designed by professional illustrators, a beautiful soundtrack written by an experienced composer, and an intuitive user interface.

Development began in 2020 when the developers returned to their roots in Galicia after 10 years of working in Switzerland. Since then, the game’s development has made some amazing strides. The game has also built a strong community on Twitter that is very supportive.

Silvia and Rubén, the studio founders, dream of turning their passion for creating adventure games into a sustainable business so they can continue to craft great games that tell wonderful stories. You can support their dream by adding Intruder in Antiquonia to your wishlist on Steam.

About Aruma Studios

Intruder in Antiquonia is the first full-length adventure produced by indie game studio Aruma Studios. The founders, Silvia and Rubén, are a family team based in A Coruña, Spain. They love games that challenge the brain and have a compelling story.

“Ever since I played Loom and Maniac Mansion with my dad as a kid, I wanted to make adventure games. Returning to Galicia provided the perfect opportunity to give this dream a chance.” says developer Rubén López.

Silvia used to be a producer of TV shows and Rubén used to be a software engineer at Google. Together they have developed another short point-and-click adventure for the web and two puzzle games for smartphones.

Silvia Izquierdo said, “We captured a little piece of Galicia in this game, and that’s something very special. Also, I love that I can transfer a lot of my production skills to this medium while stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new skills.”


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