Angela Game has announced that its online competitive real-time strategy game Iron Conflict will be going Free-to-Play on August 26, 2021, at 2 AM GMT. At this time, all gamers on Steam will be able to play Iron Conflict for free.

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“Going free-to-play is a big step for Iron Conflict,” says Kaven Xu, Producer at Angela Game. “We look forward to welcoming a bunch of new players to the game to join our loyal and dedicated community!”

As part of this major step in Iron Conflict’s journey, the game will also have an update featuring a ton of new content:

Key features available in the update:

  • 48 new Bear Faction units, including artillery, anti-air guns, helicopters, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, and infantry
  • A new 3v3 game mode, Tactical Offensive
  • Abundant in-game bonuses for players who purchased the game
  • New in-game events

Iron Conflict is developed by Angela Game and published by Imperium Interactive Entertainment, Ltd.

About Angela Game

Angela Game is an independent game developer located in Suzhou, China. Founded in 2019, this passionate, ambitious, and talented studio seeks to create titles that appeal to hardcore gamers looking for original ideas and engaging gameplay.

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