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Dark Moon is a survival strategy game where to survive you must avoid the Sun’s scorching rays and embrace the darkness. Gather resources, upgrade your mobile base, make tough moral decisions, but most importantly – don’t go into the light!

Jujubee, the developer and publisher for DARK MOON, has been working on several projects in recent months – including Deep Diving Adventures for Nintendo Switch and Realpolitiks 2 for PC. With these projects complete, the company is now fully focused on delivering DARK MOON, the post-apo real-time strategy game, in which the light is your enemy and the darkness is your salvation.

With the game in full production, Jujubee has published a new dev blog, in which the team talks about the iconic spiders – the mobile bases that travel with you across the Moon. Head over to the new blog entry on Steam and add the game to your wishlist:


Dark Moon is a survival strategy game where time is working against you. With the Moon’s electronics down it is up to you to traverse the lunar soil and try to make contact with Earth while managing your crew and resources. You will never know what you will encounter along your way, thus be prepared to make crucial decisions and live with the consequences. Whatever you do – don’t go into the light!

As a member of the Engineering Council sent by Moon Shell, your task was to oversee the construction of a newly developed mining system on the Moon. The simple objective changed dramatically when a massive solar storm hit the Earth, destroying all electronics in its wake. Soon after, you witness the Sun’s scorching heat as the Moon’s main communication relay falls into the light. You are alone, and now everything within the Sun’s reach is gone within seconds. The light is your enemy and the darkness is your salvation.

About Jujubee:

Jujubee S.A. is the game development studio behind such titles as the “FLASHOUT” series, “KURSK”, the real-time strategy game “Realpolitiks”, “Deep Diving Adventures”, “COVID: The Outbreak” and the recently released “REALPOLITIKS II”. Currently, the company is working on “Dark Moon” and is the publisher for “Punk Wars”. Jujubee’s goal is to create inspiring and unconventional games for all significant device platforms, such as iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android, Mac, PC, and consoles. Jujubee is a publicly-traded company on NewConnect (JJB) and is a majority shareholder of strategy games producer Strategy Forge S.A.

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