In a press release, we’ve heard that Episode 2 of Scarlet Hollow, the choice-driven horror adventure visual novel, is coming to Steam on June 11th. The game features hand-drawn art and writing from award-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard (The Last HalloweenJunior Scientist Power HourThe Crossroads at Midnight.)

In Scarlet Hollow, you visit a dying Appalachian coal town for the funeral of your long-lost aunt, and find yourself embroiled in a generations-old mystery that threatens an entire town.

Scarlet Hollow has been critically acclaimed for its masterful blend of humor and horror by DreadXPThe EscapistNerdistPC GamerPCGamesN, and others, with Episode 1 scoring 8.5/10 on RPG Fan, and 8/10 on CG Mag Online.

Scarlet Hollow was originally funded on Kickstarter where it raised $81k with the support of 2,726 backers. Its success led to the game winning the Runner Up and Gamers’ Choice prizes from AT&T Unlocked Games.

 A demo version of Scarlet Hollow Episode 1 is currently available for free on Steam and itch.io.

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