Green Man Gaming Publishing and solo developer, Erik Rempen are thrilled to announce that Kainga: Seeds of Civilizationthe wonderful roguelite village-builder has received its first, free content update since entering Steam Early Access. 

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The Trade and Travel update introduces a beautiful yet challenging new biome – The Edges – and is packed with thrilling new quests, challenges, and technologies to explore. Trade and Travel also introduce the Ajowan Thinker, a completely unique Thinker (made entirely of smoke!) who you can choose to be the leader of your village as you strive to grow your civilization using the updated relationship, trade, gifting, and demand dynamics with the surrounding villages.  

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization will continue to evolve with new content updates being added throughout the Early Access launch phase. A road map highlighting some of these updates can be found on the Steam page.

New features now available in the Trade and Travel update include: 

  • “The Edges” Map – This new region is a gentle savannah in all directions interrupted only by deep cliffs down to the water. Available space and wood is a boon but access to nearby plots of land may be broken or granted by seismic earthquakes!
  • Menhirs Challenge – This new challenge requires the player to locate massive enchanted stones from across the lands, drag them into your town and pull them upright to prove your mastery and succeed.
  • Ajowan Thinker – A completely unique Thinker that cannot be hurt due to being made entirely of smoke! When damaged, the Thinker returns to his massive jar, known as the Alabastron, which in turn must be protected from harm.
  • New Quests – A new menu has been added to track your quest progress and see what else is there to unlock, plus a number of quests have been added to earn the Edges map, the new thinker Ajowan and each of his memory slots.
  • New Priest Unit – Weak and slow priests do no damage to your enemies but instead can convert them to your side! This powerful unit can easily handle small numbers of units but can be overwhelmed and disrupted.
  • New Creatures – “Totano” and Mastadon – Two new gentle giants have been added, the squid-like Totano walks across the lands and occasionally seeds the soil below its massive frill. The mighty Mastadon is a shelled beast of burden that roams the grasslands in large packs and is unharmed by fire.
  • Wandering Trader Added – The scrollkeeper can now enter the world below! Occasionally the wandering trader will travel from town to town to make resource exchanges.
  • Relationships, Trade, Gifts and Demands Added – A great many changes have been made to create a more dynamic relationships between each village. You (and the AI) can propose tradelines, make demands and give gifts which will each affect your relationship and how they behave!
  • New Technologies – As usual, more than 20 additional technologies have been added (pushing the total above 180) adding new festivals, new ways to train combat units, new beast attachments and more!

About Kainga: Seeds of Civilization

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite village-builder set in a world full of mystery and surprise. Taking on the role of the Thinker, the leader of the village, you will need to adapt to the procedurally generated environment and surroundings and make the right choices to allow your people and village to flourish. The Thinker is responsible for passing the players’ decisions and commands on to the people. Although the citizens are somewhat expendable, if the Thinker falls, you lose. Much like the king in chess, they’re weak and vulnerable and must be protected at all costs. 

Instead of following the long-winded city-builder formula, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is focused on short, 30 minutes to 1-hour challenges. Each challenge is a fresh and diverse experience in a new location which still allows the player to make progression between runs.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is available now via Steam Early Access for £14.99 / €16.99 / $19.99. Also, there will be a limited time, 15% discount on Kainga: Seeds of Civilization via Steam starting 25th February. 

About Green Man Gaming Publishing

Green Man Gaming Publishing works with developers around the world to bring great indie games to market. Green Man Gaming Publishing is a division of Green Man Gaming, the multi-award-winning global video games retailer and technology business.

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