Kongregate, a leading developer of mobile free-to-play games and creator of the web-based gaming portal Kongregate.com, today announced KONGREGATE.io, a next-generation web gaming portal featuring a curated selection of the best competitive games on the market. 

Launching in open beta later this year, KONGREGATE.io is a celebration of Kongregate’s 15 years in the gaming space and redefines what a web gaming platform is for today’s market. Kongregate’s goal is to build a selection of the best competitive and .io style games the market has to offer, all in one place. Early launch titles will be focused on Kongregate’s internally developed portfolio, sister company offerings through larger parent company MTG (Modern Times Group), and select top titles from Kongregate.com.

“Fifteen years ago, Kongregate embarked on a journey to build a safe place for everyone to share their passion for games on Kongregate.com. It’s exciting to be able to expand on that mission with a redefined approach on KONGREGATE.io,” said Markus Lipp, CEO & CFO at Kongregate. “KONGREGATE.io will provide players with an enhanced user experience, what they’ve come to expect from a triple AAA gaming company, and that will incorporate cutting-edge gaming technology. We see KONGREGATE.io as the next generation of web-based gaming.”

To kick off the celebration, Kongregate just launched a limited Founders NFT (non-fungible token) presale on KONGREGATE.io that commemorates the most pivotal titles in their portfolio. These NFTs give Kongregate’s most loyal and devoted fans a way to own a piece of Kongregate’s rich 15-year history and unlock new experiences that transcend the individual games themselves. Currently, players can purchase NFTs for Kongregate.com’s hit dungeon crawler Bit Heroes and the more recently acquired 2D battle royale game, surviv.io. Future Founders’ presale NFTs will feature early fantasy CCG Spellstone and other Kongregate-developed titles.

“We see NFTs as more than just collectibles,” said Max Murphy, VP of Engineering at Kongregate and KONGREGATE.io visionary. “We’ve been exploring the technology behind the scenes over the last two years to understand how best to use it to benefit our massive community. Now we’re ready to take things to the next level with KONGREGATE.io.”

“And the best part for our long-time players is that we’ll be converting Kongregate.com  ‘Kongpanions’ and stickers to NFTs when the site launches in open beta later this year,” continued Murphy. “So anyone that has collected those achievements on Kongregate.com will have them automatically on KONGREGATE.io if they connect their accounts.”

KONGREGATE.io’s Founders presale is available now and is powered by Forte’s end-to-end blockchain platform which enables game developers to easily build and scale token-based economies safely, securely, and with full regulatory compliance. Each NFT is limited, provides special in-game rewards, and will only be available once. Dedicated players can start collecting today at www.kongregate.io. For more information about KONGREGATE.io and to sign up for our development newsletter, please visit www.kongregate.io.

About Bit Heroes

Created by three AAA developers as their side project, Bit Heroes is a competitive dungeon-crawling RPG with retro-inspired turn-based combat. The game launched on Kongregate.com in September 2016 where it became an immediate favorite among users with over 14 million gameplays to date and a stellar 4.5 user rating. Bit Heroes then moved to mobile devices in 2017, with Kongregate serving as the game’s publisher. Acquired by Kongregate in July 2019, Bit Heroes continues to be a player favorite and has amassed over $10 million in net revenue to date.  

About surviv.io

Launched in 2017, surviv.io is a 2D top-down battle royale game focused on getting players into matches as quickly as possible. No lobbies, no long waits, players can jump into a match and compete immediately. The game has developed a dedicated audience of competitive gamers through its fast-paced gameplay and tongue-in-cheek art style and cosmetics. 

Acquired by Kongregate in December 2019, The game is regularly updated with new items and maps, and hosts limited-time events with special gameplay modes featuring exclusive weapons and cosmetics. Surviv.io has attracted hundreds of millions of players over its lifetime.  

About Spellstone

Spellstone, launched on mobile & web in 2015, is a fantasy-themed CCG developed by Chicago-based developer Synapse. It features hand-drawn art with hundreds of cards to collect and evolve as they become more powerful. 

Synapse was acquired by Kongregate in 2017 after six years of working together. After originally connecting through Synapse’s War Metal Tyrant on Kongregate.com, Synapse & Kongregate developed a long-term publishing partnership including launching the sequel to War Metal Tyrant, Tyrant Unleashed, and later Global Assault (2014), Spellstone (2015), and Animation Throwdown (2016). Since the acquisition, Synapse has continued to launch AAA titles including the action RPG,  TMNT: Mutant Madness. Synapse’s web and mobile games combined have more than 1 billion total gameplay.

About Kongregate

Kongregate is a leading developer of free-to-play mobile games and creator of the flash gaming portal, Kongregate.com. With 15 years of experience in free-to-play titles, Kongregate is focused on growing the idle game genre and building long-term mobile gaming franchises through its partnerships with top-tier entertainment brands. Their mobile games have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and have billions of gameplays. Kongregate is a part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG and has three offices across the United States: San Diego, Portland, and Chicago.

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