AIDIS Inc.’s popular RPG Last Cloudia releases the second installment of the Granzelia Descent event, a collaboration with the smash-hit action RPG NieR: Automata from Square Enix Co. Ltd. This second part of Granzelia Descent features unit A2 and the LR ark Machine Lifeforms. These come hot on the heels of the free 9S unit, a 2B unit, and two Emil-themed arks contained in the first installment, which is still available for a limited time.

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The new A2 unit (voiced by Cherami Leigh) is a high-powered attacker whose Light offensive can obliterate the enemy. When her Attack: Limiter Release Special activates, A2 bleeds HP but gains astonishing attack power in the form of Berserk Mode. Additionally, her Prototype: Type A skill boosts her attack power when an ally is dead; her Lone Survivor skill, meanwhile, restores her HP and enhances her offense when she’s the last member of your team standing. Even when unaided by others, A2 has the potential to give you a leg up in battle. Players who spin the Collab Step-up Gacha Pt. 2 are guaranteed to get A2 on Lap 3, Step 5. (For the curious, Pt. 1 features the unit 2B and the ark A Beautiful Songstress. It runs through Sep 15, 11:59 pm [PT].)

Tailored to physical attackers, the Machine Lifeforms (LR) ark strengthens any Machine-type unit you equip it to. It only grows more powerful when your party is filled with more Machine-type units. The unit equipped with this ark will take less damage from non-machine enemies, and its SCT recovery speed and critical attack rate are boosted whenever an ally is incapacitated. Machine Lifeforms has a variety of unique collab skills: it can teach units the Charge Attack skill, which enables that unit to deal more damage when its skill stock is full. The Imitation Human skill, on the other hand, can enhance a Machine-type unit’s STR and DEF and give it an extra type like Soldier or Knight that typically only humans can learn. Another of its interesting skills is Anti Chain Damage, which gradually reduces the damage taken from enemies as they chain more combo attacks together. This ark will be a welcome addition for any Last Cloudia players who run Machine-type units.

NieR:Automata Login Bonus Part 2

During the NieR: Automata Login Bonus Part 2, you can get Collab Tickets and a total of 1300 crystals. Just log in daily to receive these amazing rewards! The login bonus runs through September 8, 2021, 11:59 am (PT)

Collab Giveaway 2

In this giveaway, players can enter special promos to celebrate the release of the collab. Thirty-one entrants will be randomly selected to win great prizes like an exclusive canvas print, 1000 crystals, and more!

About Last Cloudia

Last Cloudia is an action JRPG whose quirky characters and cinematic effects weave a sprawling tale of the bond between man and beast. Its fast-paced battles feature pixel art characters sweeping through 3D playspaces.

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