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Line War, Coming to Steam Next Month!
By Other News Posted in News on April 14, 2022 0 Comments 3 min read
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Following a successful showing at Steam Next Fest, Line War is headed towards a full release on May 5! From two-man development team Studio Centurion, Line War is a throwback-style RTS with a modern twist. Since the demo launch, new features have been implemented to improve performance and mechanics. Line War will be available on May 5 at 9 am PST/12 pm EST on Steam for $14.99. 

Find Line War on Steam

Line War is a multiplayer RTS game and a mashup of beloved genres in the strategy sphere including 4x, real-time tactics, wargames, and autobattlers. While the demo of Line War gave players a taste of the experience, new features will be available in the 1.0 launch including the highly anticipated addition of skill-based matchmaking and localization. For players looking for a solo experience, Line War also features a sandbox mode where you can practice strategies and play against yourself.

Line War’s unique approach to the strategy genre comes from its versatile control system, which allows players to quickly and intuitively issue commands by drawing lines across the battlefield. Move units, form defensive lines, engage enemies, and conquer territories all with just a few clicks. Watch your commands take effect in real-time while you move on to the next maneuver. Configure your command lines to filter out certain units to flank your enemies, dig in or feed distant frontlines. 

Territory expansion is key to success in Line War. Players need to build structures to amass reserves of the game’s key resources, energy, and capital. Choosing where to deploy buildings and the units they create is paramount to defending key locations and limiting the enemy’s expansion. With limited micromanagement required, Line War ensures players are free to focus on planning and executing a strategy through the use of its streamlined command system. 


  • Draw Commands. Create movement and attack commands by drawing directly onto the map, giving players flexible control over unit actions.
  • Replay Again & Again. Randomly generate asymmetrical worlds to ensure no match or strategy is ever the same. 
  • Select Your Starting Location. Choose where to begin in each world in an innovative and fair “picking phase” to gain your initial territory.
  • Focus on Strategy: Plan and strategize to achieve success on the battlefield. Actions Per Minute (APM) aren’t crucial for success in Line War – strategy and planning are.
  • Conquer Territory. Expand your influence and acquire resources through territory control. The more land you have, the more you’ll be able to build. 
  • Manage Resources. Produce energy with refineries and power plants for sustained mobility of tanks, air force, and naval vessels.
  • Control One Army. Line War features a single traditional, recognizable army to ensure the game’s focus is on balance and strategy. 
  • Build. Build. Build. From barracks to refineries, ports to power plants, choose from dozens of unique structures. Build towns, cities, industries, and trade routes to earn resources and expand your forces.

About Studio Centurion

Studio Centurion is a Swedish indie studio located in Stockholm led by Christian Ulvaeus & Stefan Persson. After developing a board game for 20 years called ‘Strategica’, Christian crossed paths with Stefan for the first time in 2019. Now, they strive to make a distinct and pivotal mark on the R.T.S. genre with their debut game ‘Line War’.


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