Developer Algo Rocks and publisher tinyBuild are happy to announce the launch of Startup Panic, a fast-moving business sim that injects classic management gameplay with some sharp and absurd humour, via Steam following previous Epic Store exclusivity. The Steam version brings with it a host of new and exciting features including defeated CEOs launching comebacks against you, long-term loyal employees gaining new traits with experience and some in-office ghost-busting after the discovery of a workplace haunting!

Find Startup Panic on Steam

Startup Panic is a highly customisable tech-business management sim ideal for players new to the genre – or veterans looking for a bit of personality as their small company conquers the corporate world. Starting from a bedroom office, the game builds quickly, meaning wannabe CEOs must move fast to navigate hackers, underhanded competitors, and even real sea-sailing pirates to become the best. 

With an expansive business customisation tree, a huge world map to branch out to, and full office design control, players can create their perfect start-up from scratch – and defend it against the ever-changing market how they see fit.

Send your staff on a well-earned break to a dinosaur theme park, make some shady dealing with elite hackers, and work your way to over seven unique victories – including becoming President, or even setting up a colony on Mars! 

Algorocks founder and CEO Adib Toriq said: “Initially, Startup Panic was meant to be finished in eight to ten hours. It’s humbling to see some players play it for 20 hours without new content in the game. Seeing that, we decided to add some more content.

“We’ve added ghost events, competitor come-backs, new traits, difficulty options, and several other new mechanics. Hopefully, this will double the fun of playing Startup Panic.

Startup Panic is available now on Steam priced at $14.99 USD / £11.39 GBP / €12.49 EUR.

About Startup Panic

Conquer the tech business industry from your bedroom in Startup Panic, a business management sim with a lot of personalities. 

  • You’re in control – Decide each projects priorities and focus, what does your company stand for?
  • Keep an eye on the clock – Taking a team vacation to an undersea diner will boost office morale, but focusing on the next best feature before your competitors will skyrocket your reputation, choose wisely!
  • Assemble the perfect team – Each potential employee comes with their own personality and skills – some good, some not so much. Look out for who you share your secrets with..
  • The sky’s the limit – Compete with rival CEOs for new users in your region, and then expand out by building new headquarters on the world map!
  • Each decision matters – Who knows what trouble may come your way next as you lead the charge? Watch out for greedy hackers, shady CEOs and even pirates as your company grows!
  • Extended gameplay – Competitor CEOs that you defeated will return later with additional comeback-themed content and an option to upgrade your features to Advanced versions!
  • New content – Long-term loyal employees will earn new traits after gaining experience!
  • Paranormal activity – A ghost-busting quest line is triggered when you start to discover some haunted incidents in your office!

About Algorocks

Algorocks is a small Indonesian game company with a big dream (it’s not an exaggeration, we want to conquer the milky way). We love making games, cycling around the city, and drinking coffee. Sometimes we are doing them simultaneously.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is a Seattle-based indie label behind the Hello Neighbor franchise and over 30 other renowned titles, including Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and Party Hard. With additional development offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Riga, Latvia, and Boise, Idaho, tinyBuild is rapidly building a portfolio of fun, high-quality games across multiple platforms.

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