ManyDev Studio announces the new game Parasight – a 2D Action-RPG game with souls-like mechanisms. In the game you can choose to play peacefully or aggressively, you can socialize with enemies or fight with them!

Find Parasight on Steam

Explore the vast nevermore Island to find out what happened to the last tyrant king and old settlers. You can choose to be a Knight, Wizard, or other different characters! Level up, using SOUL EXTRACTS to become stronger in dealing with the enemies. You can choose between various weapons, armors, rings, and more! You can choose to play peacefully or tempestuously.

Your actions will have consequences! There are many endings in this game, and your actions are determining them. You have three options to deal with the bosses in the game, fighting, social battle, or battle soul!

Parasight’s official trailer is now available on Steam and YouTube. If you like the game, please add Parasight to the Steam wishlist and leave your feedback after playing!

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