Miraisens today announced it has joined Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation®5 (PS5™) Tools and Middleware Program is an officially licensed partner for its 3DHaptics for Games developer solutions. Miraisens’s middleware replaces complicated programming and delivers superior movement and tactile haptics with real-time testing. In short, Miraisens delivers better haptics with a simpler workflow, in far less iteration time, and it’s readying its toolkit for release this fall.

Miraisens offers high-speed, real-time haptics design tools with 40 unique international patent technologies for a complete rendering solution. Using clever algorithms, allows game developers to control the movement of haptic feedback by simply drawing lines or curves to create the back-and-forth movement. 3DHaptics for Games does the programming heavy-lifting, so creators can make haptic sensations like gun recoil and jet fly-bys in seconds, and move straight to testing on DualSense™ wireless controllers. The Miraisens AI tactile technology also makes it simple to create an array of tactile feedback (think roughness, softness, and ruggedness) by controlling just five parameters.

“So much of game haptics development is just a programming back-and-forth for sound designers,” said Natsuo Koda, CEO of Miraisens. “But you can easily eliminate all those steps with the right tools and middleware, and Miraisens 3DHaptics is just that – the right stuff.”

At this week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2021) in San Francisco, publishers and developers looking to simplify their haptic feedback creation can visit Miraisens’s virtual booth to learn more details about 3DHaptics for Games.

A testing version of the Miraisens plugin for game engines is available now for interested developers. The standalone 3DHaptics for Games tools and middleware are expected to release in Q3 2021 for both Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation®5 and Windows and will be compatible with C++ and prominent game engines. To learn more about the Miraisens tools and middleware, contact the team at info@miraisens.com.

About Miraisens

MIRAISENS is an AIST technology transfer venture founded in 2014 to spread the illusionary haptics technology discovered at AIST in society. As a research and development company engaged in cutting-edge HMI technology including haptics, which is sometimes called the third medium, MIRAISENS continues to innovate and spread artificial experience technology and human augmentation technology that will achieve a more prosperous human future, based on various elemental technology founded on neuroscience.

About Murata Manufacturing

Murata Manufacturing is a global comprehensive electronic parts maker active in the development, production, and sale of electronic parts based on ceramics. By creating original products based on a technological foundation of originally developed and accumulated material development, process development, product design, production technology, and software and analysis and evaluation supporting the above, Murata continues to contribute to the development of electronic society.

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