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Mobile Games and Bitcoin: Things That Make You Go Hmm...
By Sassy Admin Posted in Blog, Gaming on March 20, 2022 0 Comments 7 min read
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I sat on this article for over a month because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to handle it or if I wanted to host it on SassyGamers at all. A few of my trusted writers advised me not to touch anything bitcoin-related with a ten-foot pole because it might damage our reputation. I’ll be honest, that rankled me a little.

The idea that we can’t discuss something because people can’t handle a healthy discussion. The idea that I would let fear dictate what I post on a website made to provide a voice to gamers. Well, I’m here so you can see that I’m not afraid. I think gamers should be educated on gaming news even if they don’t like every aspect, but we owe it to you to give it to you in the most informational and impartial way possible.

So let’s do this!

The Basics – Why Gamers Hate Bitcoin

Miners Chew Through GPUs

I tried to educate myself as much as possible on this subject because I’ll be honest, the only thing I knew about was that GPUs were obscenely expensive and hard to find. I mistakenly figured this was mostly because of COVID that there were shortages in production. That’s not the only reason. The internet is filled with bragging pics of idiots posting all the GPUs they bulk purchased for bitcoin mining. Yeah, guys…no wonder we’re so mad.

Its Bad For the Environment

That’s enough, but that’s not the only reason gamers hate Bitcoin. It’s bad for the environment because bitcoin miners are mining bitcoin every minute of every day, churning through those juicy GPUs that we all wish we could have bought at the original discounted price. This costs not only the parts necessary to make the GPUs, but also in sheer electricity. I had to google this, folks, but electricity is actually mostly generated via fossil fuels…not the wind, hydraulic, or solar power like my eager heart had hoped. Well, hell.

It Just Feels Scammy

There’s also a degree of mistrust for bitcoin because it is a virtual currency that you don’t really get to hold in your hands (ignore the fact that I don’t ever have cash so all of my money these days is digital). It just feels shady. What if the value just tanks and then you have nothing.

Gamers Are Already Nickel and Dimed

This last part leans towards NFTs and the role that Bitcoin plays. Gamers hate NFTs and are extremely sensitive to game developers trying to integrate NFTs into gaming platforms. I completely understand why since most games these days are so heavily infused with pay-to-play mechanics. So while a cute little optional NFT item sounds innocent, it’s really not. It’s yet another thing for gamers that are being whittled down by microtransactions.

That being said, NFTs are beloved by Artists, and for good reasons. For graphic artists and musicians, NFTs provide a way to be compensated for their art that was just pitiful before. It offers digital assets a way to accumulate value. Great!

This just doesn’t translate to the gaming world and gamers are not accepting that negativity into their life.

Is Bitcoin Going Away?

It’s really not. This is part of what I had to sit and consider before writing this article. Is it worth writing anything at all if Bitcoin is a dying trend? No, but Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. There have been reports that Nvidia is going to be working towards tweaking their graphics cards to make them less attractive to miners. I think they need to do a little more than that, including regulations regarding how many cards can be bought per account, and why not create separate GPUs specifically for bitcoin mining? Everyone wants to make money, but why not do it smarter?

The concept of digital money is legitimate. The idea of solving complex equations in return for this digital money is great. The implementation is crappy and needs some work.

Why Did I Write This Article?

Because Pay to Earn games have been hovering outside my awareness for a while now and I’ve stewed over the pros and cons. In the end, I decided that everyone should make their own decisions but as a responsible editor, I can inform you of the options and let you make your own decisions. I saw a value in the service below for young or foreign gamers that don’t have access to USD or a checking account.

So review the information below about the games hosted by Zeebedee and make your own educated decisions.

Play Mobile Games To Earn Bitcoin

We’re all playing mobile games when we’re bored, sitting on the toilet, or waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment. It’s easy and simple entertainment that everyone can participate in. But can you imagine, this activity could help you earn some real money? And not just any money. With blockchain gaming evolving, a virtual economy is rising in mobile gaming industries. You can now play games on your mobile phone to earn free Bitcoin.

Your portal into Bitcoin gaming is ZEBEDEE and their main product is the ZEBEDEE App. It has a special Lightning wallet designed with unique features just for gamers, available for Android and iOS. You need to sign up to get your own Gamertag – a special username with a QR code that will enable you to withdraw rewards from Bitcoin-powered games. When you have that ready, it’s time to play games and start stacking Satoshis (Satoshi is a sub-unit of Bitcoin: 1 BTC = 100,000,000 SAT). Without any age restrictions, investments, or bank accounts. What you earn is instantly yours.

Zebedee video on how to get bitcoin by playing games.

ZEBEDEE produced a couple of Bitcoin games to give you a taste of the range of possibilities Bitcoin gaming offers. Here are some fun casual mobile games anyone can play:


In SaruTobi (Japanese for “Monkey Fly”), you help Tobi build momentum by swinging on his vine, then at the optimal moment, fling him through the air collecting Bitcoin and bananas along the way. Download it for Android or iOS.

Lightning Crush

A clone of the famous Candy Crush, Lightning Crush builds on the strengths of this genre’s simplicity, but now enhanced with Bitcoin. Your score isn’t just a number anymore, it’s real value, which you can withdraw at any time. Available for Android.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Put your brainpower to the test and show off your trivia knowledge by competing in daily quiz tournaments to win Bitcoin. Every day you’ll also have the opportunity to win bonus Bitcoin in our daily Scratchcards and Millionaire Lotto! Download it for Android or iOS.


This is an Esports Fantasy Game where you build your own team with real players from the main esports games. You can follow the champion in a fun way by competing with your friends to see who chooses the best players. Download it for Android or iOS.

Balls King

The super satisfying BItcoin brick-breaker game you HAVE to play! Show us what you’ve got… can you break them all in one shot? Very intuitive, smooth, and beautifully designed. Download it for Android or iOS.

Visit their blog to learn more about playing games to earn free Bitcoin, and make sure to follow ZEBEDEE on Twitter and Discord as they’ll soon add some more fun games and features to their ecosystem.


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