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Movie Review: Antlers, 2021 - ★★★½
By Sassy Admin Posted in Movies on December 18, 2021 0 Comments 1 min read
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I’ve got to be honest, I’m surprised that this movie got such questionable reviews on Letterboxd. The movie did touch on a lot of subjects and didn’t focus on any one and I think that put a lot of people off. But the fact is that in a town that had once lost its mining jobs, drug addiction and domestic abuse happen. All at once. Life doesn’t really just pick one or two things and decide you’ve had enough.

The part that probably could have been fleshed out more was the nature of the beast but instead, it’s relegated to just a short scene with an indigenous person explaining lore. But I don’t mind that because we’ve already seen several Wendigo movies before and the same old story gets old. So rather than ripping off another movie, this one just says…Yeah. Shit sucks and this all happened, but the two abused parties are survivors and they’ll keep survivin’.

Yeah, I know. It sounds preachy, but it was a nice romp through the woods and the bully got way more than he deserved. At no point in the movie did I wish I had watched something else. So it gets 3.5 stars from me.


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