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Don’t Starve: Newhome, the newest mobile installment of Klei’s hit gaming series, has released a new animated story trailer.

The new mobile game, developed by Shengqu Games, will expand on the core survival, exploration, and crafting gameplay that Don’t Starve is known for a while, introducing social and multiplayer elements that expand gameplay in exciting new ways. The game will also feature a new story mode, ongoing live support, and much more.

Don’t Starve: Newhome is designed with all-new features for the mobile gaming audience, including co-operative multiplayer modes, faster play sessions, and personalized progression systems while still retaining the unique art style, challenging survival, and exploration gameplay the extensive crafting mechanics the series is known for. Players will be able to build persistent homes, discover new creatures, builds and crafting options, and team up with friends online to delve deeper into the world of Don’t Starve: Newhome

To learn more about Don’t Starve: Newhome, please visit the official website.

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