Indie game developer Friendship is Fun LLC aims to redefine the party game genre with Assimilate! (A Party Game), a social deduction party game to be released on Steam this Thursday, August 26th, 2021. This family-friendly game is set in the 1950s and stars a cleverly disguised Robot who is attempting to sneak into a ‘Humans Only” sock hop with the help of their Programmer friend. It will debut on Steam (with plans to port to PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Wii U™, and Apple TV next year). 

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Created by a team of three; Christopher Ellis – the Game Designer, Brett Tunick – the Gameplay Artist, and Marcus Urban – the Game Developer, Assimilate! is a charming party game that blends genres to create a fun word game with a social deduction twist. In fact, it has recently been described as “Codenames meets Among Us with a Jackbox Interface” by a prominent Twitch Streamer. 

Though the art style for the game is set in the golden age of the 1950s, the user interface is extremely modern, as players join the game from their smartphones (or any web-enabled device) and immediately begin playing in real-time. This makes Assimilate just as easy for players to enjoy online (over a Zoom call or streaming on Twitch) as it would if they were sitting in the same room with their friends and family. And unlike other popular social deduction games on the market, all the sensitive information is contained to the players’ mobile devices, so any bystanders or viewers can remain ‘in the dark’ on the players’ roles and, therefore, can also try to identify the Robot themselves.

Each game of Assimilate! consists of three rounds of finger-pointing fun. Each player is randomly assigned one of three roles; a Human, Robot, or Programmer. The Robot and Programmer must work together to help the Robot blend in (or Assimilate) among the humans, while the humans must work together to identify and kick out, the pesky robot from their group. 

“Our team is composed of three die-hard party game fans, with a particular interest in the social deduction genre. While both ‘party games’ & ‘social deduction games’ remain very, very popular in the tabletop/board game market, there are surprisingly few video games that do a good job combining these genres well. If the tremendous success of both Jackbox Games (the Godfather of all party games) and Among Us (the indie social deduction juggernaut) last year taught us anything, it’s that there is a huge, huge market for these types of games – and that’s why we’re ecstatic to offer another fun, new social deduction party game to the mix.”

5-10 players can enjoy the game as one of the three main roles, but up to 100 additional players can join in via our “Observer Mode”. Observers can vote for whichever player they suspect and their votes will appear on screen for everyone to see. As a result, these observers can even impact the outcome of the game by drawing connections and making observations not initially seen by one of the original 5-10 players. This aspect of the game makes it particularly enticing for Twitch and YouTube streamers looking for interactive games to play with their online communities.

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