Atypique Studio is proud to announce their competitive turn-based game Noara: The Conspiracy goes free-to-play today on Steam. To mark the occasion, the studio has released a new cinematic trailer, which can be seen here.

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To compete in a very crowded strategy-game market, Atypique Studio wanted its game to meet players’ needs. “Many players told us they wanted to see the game become free-to-play, which merely reaffirmed our decision to take it in this direction,” said Jérémy Filali, the studio’s founder. The studio has also confirmed its desire to avoid any form of “pay-to-win”.

To coincide with the occasion, Noara: The Conspiracy is getting a new major update that improves the playing experience and makes the games more dynamic. It also introduces the in-game store, which offers cosmetic items to customize characters as well as ways to further explore the fantasy universe.

All players who have already purchased Noara: The Conspiracy before the transition to free-to-play will be given the following bonuses:

  • An exclusive King Akuyandi skin
  • An exclusive in-game portrait
  • 3500 Sarme coins, the currency used in the in-game store

As well as moving to free-to-play, update 2.0 introduces a new gameplay mechanic called “boosters”. Players choose a new booster from a random selection for each game. The pacing of the game has been completely redesigned so that games now flow more easily.

Over the last few months, Noara: The Conspiracy has received several content updates, including custom games, a 1v1 mode, improved matchmaking, a new ranking system, and multilanguage support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.

Noara: The Conspiracy is a turn-based strategy game (or MOCA – Multiplayer Online Chess Arena) with a unique feature: during the defense turn, players can react in real-time to their opponent’s actions. The various improvements made since its early-access release have made the game even more competitive and appealing to a wide audience. There are now four game modes:

  • 1v1 skirmish: Players battle each other in this quick mode to try and defeat the Kragh king first. This game mode will include five new characters from the Adalar clan.
  • 2v2 with ranking: Players battle solo or co-op in this competitive mode. Six ranks are currently available in the ranking, from New Recruit to Warlord!
  • Training and puzzles: In this mode, players must solve 15 puzzles to learn the main game mechanics, including basic character movements, skills, and how to use different items.
  • Custom games: In this mode, four players can create their own game for training or organizing tournaments.

Atypique Studio has big ambitions for the future of Noara: The Conspiracy. The game recently entered its early-access phase, allowing the studio to continue development while staying closely connected to its passionate fan community.

About Atypique Studio:

Founded by Jérémy Filali in June 2017, Atypique Studio is an independent studio based in La Ciotat, France that values work, passion, respect, and diversity.

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