Really Ragdoll is excited to announce their classically-inspired frenetic shooter KUR will be fully released on March 17th. The comedic love letter to flagship shooters of the 90s and early 2000s is coming to Steam after completing a short stint in Early Access. The game features a fully voice-acted protagonist and main cast, as well as over 20 lovingly hand-designed levels spread across six unique environments.

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As a mercenary in the intergalactic gun-for-hire trade, you take on the role of the cocky trouble-shooter who fixes problems and doesn’t ask questions… as long as she gets paid. A shadowy corporation has made you an offer you can’t refuse, and everything seemed great until you came face to face with a robot spider wearing a human skull. Now it’s up to you to try to make it out alive and possibly uncover the true intentions behind the seemingly nefarious organization that brought you to this hellhole in the first place.

The game features an upgrade system that allows you to spend cash gathered in each level to customize your abilities, as well as your ever-present Strength Augmented Boot. Not only will your Boot enable you to kick your way out of a tough spot, but you’ll need to learn to master the acrobatic combat it enables if you plan to survive what KUR has in store.

In addition to your boot, Kur has a wide array of guns with which to lay waste to the mechanical horde that stands between you and payday. Whether you want something classic like akimbo pistols, or something more whimsical like a Gatling Laser,  KUR has something for you as long as what you want is destruction.

KUR is available for review, please let us know if you are interested in a review key for your outlet.

Key Points:

Inventive traversal-based gameplay featuring a cybernetically augmented boot that allows for a wide array of new ways to slay. 

The Boot: Kick your way out of a tough spot, or launch enemies sky-high. Your Strength Augmented Boot is the true star of your hefty arsenal. 

A Hefty Arsenal: An assortment of implements with which to lay waste to the countless metal horrors out for your blood. In addition to genre staples like the shotgun, expect some new entries like a Gatling Laser, A SECOND BOOT, and the ever-useful Shrink Ray.
Steam-Integrated Leaderboard system for built-in competitive and speed-run play
20+ hand-crafted levels across 6 unique zones, filled with flesh-draped robotic horrors and abundant traversal options.

About Really Ragdoll:

Founded in 2018. Really Ragdoll is Brian Spain and Kehran Carr. The duo is based out of Seattle, WA where they’ve been working together since a chance meeting while studying programming.  The studio is currently launching its first title, KUR, a throwback shooter inspired by generation-defining games of the 90s and 2000s. Brian is a Navy veteran with a background in mathematics who works as an engineer by day and game dev by night. Kehran is a self-taught game developer with a deep passion for creating unique and engaging gaming experiences. Together, Really Ragdoll aims to create experiences that tap into the familiarity of long-beloved game styles while adding modern design touches that elevate their titles to the next level.

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