Dutch-based indie studio Shocktopus Games has officially announced ‘Now There Be Goblins’, a stylized VR smash and smack tower defense hybrid inspired by Dungeon Defenders. Delivering strategic tower defense elements as well as a wide range of weapons and abilities to aid you in your fight against the pesky goblins.

Find Now There Be Goblins on Steam

Players take on the role of King Harry’s personal blacksmith, and probably only friend, to take on the ever invading goblins. All of which are dying to get hold of the precious gold used by the King to build his empire of statues. With dozens of structures and weapons, each with its own unique playstyle and niches, players take on the key responsibility to protect King Harry’s statues.

With a combination of traditional tower defense mechanics and the freedom of VR combat, Now There Be Goblins aims to create a tactical and physical challenge for any player with difficulties ranging from easy to extremely hard. 

Smack, bash and stomp the goblins with the blacksmith’s mighty hammer and see them flying! Players can charge their hammer to unleash its active ability and cause a world of devastation or grab one of the many dropped weapons to give them a taste of their own medicine. Another option for the player is to find useful items scattered around the map: grab a torch, throw a bottle, or use dynamite to get rid of multiple goblins at once! Every level has unique mechanics and interactables, so use your environment and gain the upper hand.

Explosive cannons, slowing glue, spike traps, huge piercing bolts, and much more are at the player’s disposal. Place them anywhere you desire and find out which spots wreak the most havoc. Observe, learn and change your strategy to find new ways to take advantage of your structures. Mix, match, and experiment to find hidden synergies. Plan ahead, use the most unique strategies, and come out on top! With over 16 different structure variants to choose from, players will never run out of options!

Put on your VR headset and get ready for hours of smacking and smashing, however, be aware the goblins keep coming back with new surprises. Attempt more levels and higher difficulties, discover badass hammers, and unlock a variety of structures to ultimately defeat all the goblins once and for all!

Key features:

  • Multiple levels with each its strengths, weaknesses, and special enemies
  • Many difficulties challenging you to play in different ways
  • 16 diverse structure variants with each its own mechanics and synergies
  • Unlockable hammers with passive and active abilities
  • Tons of grabbable goblin weapons
  • Combat with hammers, swords, shields, maces, bows, and much more!

Now There Be Goblins can be wish-listed now on Steam! Prospective blacksmiths can step into the battlefield for its early access price of $17.99/€14,99 from the 28th of March 2022 with a 15% discount on the first week! You can also play a free demo of the game in the upcoming Steam Next Fest from the 21st of February!

About Shocktopus Games

Shocktopus Games is a three-person startup based in the heart of the Netherlands, focusing on creating satisfying Virtual Reality games with in-depth game progression.

Before the founding of Shocktopus Games, the current team got together and did a small game jam on what would later become Now There Be Goblins. Having a great interest and broad experience in VR, the team was disappointed with the huge amount of simulation and sandbox games on the market. Within two days the team had experimented on a Virtual Reality tower defender, combining satisfying physical combat with building defensive towers. This prototype enabled the team to envision a game that uses the unique interactions of Virtual Reality but also has a real game progression.

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