SquarePlay Games, the multi-award-nominated microstudio behind Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up, have announced their next game, Space Trash Scavenger, for PC.

Find Space Trash Scavenger on Steam

The London-based dev duo, consisting of couple Alastair McQueen and Sarah Testori, have released a crisp new trailer, along with screenshots and deets on the games’ new Steam page.

Space Trash Scavenger is a jetpack-fuelled, open-world survival sandbox set in the distant future.

“Grab your jetpack and explore procedural asteroid fields, ancient space-wrecks, and abandoned outposts. Build your space rig to process scavenged trash. Craft, trade and fight your way to success in this interstellar, open-world sandbox,” the indie pair write in their Steam blurb.

“Think Raft meets Risk of Rain in space,” explains McQueen.

The trailer shows some lovely-looking space vistas, some zero-G base building, creepy alien squid combat, and some streamlined survival crafting mechanics.

Features include:

Build your own Space Rig and make it your home. Process space trash, grow crops and use your jump drive to voyage to new systems.

Grind-free crafting. Atomize what you scavenge into elementary “cubits” and use them to fabricate your base. No intermediates, no faff. Or you can always trade what you find at the trash exchange.

Constant alien threat. You’re not alone amid the space wreckage. Mysterious, hostile aliens share the asteroid belt and will seek out the tech signature of Scavenger bases within their territory. Craft and use a variety of armour, mods, and weapons to defend yourself.

-Jetpack traversal in a procedural, zero-G galaxy. Fly between asteroids and wrecked spaceships to find the best loot. The only limits are your fuel tank and your appetite for risk.

The game is currently planned for PC, with a release pencilled in for late 2022.

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