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Patch 10.16
By Mimi Chii Posted in Blog on August 5, 2020 0 Comments 2 min read
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Hello summoners patch 10.16 is here! lets go over it!

Sorry to deviate from the normal way of posting but I will no longer be updating the patches if you’d like to read that head over here to learn more

I will only be uploading champion tier lists from now on.

Now these are my opinions and I have gathered my thoughts on these changes by looking at,
Challenger Replays (YT), ProGuides, Myself, and League of Legends

S+ Tier:
Darius, Shen, Fiora, Garen
S Tier: Jax, Urgot, Nasus, Singed, Maokai, Camille, Quinn, Wukong, Swain
A Tier: Kled, Renekton, Riven, Poppy, Vladimir, Illaoi, Irelia, Teemo, Soraka, Vayne, Volibear, Tryndamere, Hecarim, Kayle, Sett, Jayce, Gangplank
B Tier: Gnar, Pantheon, Sion, Yorick, Kennen, Rumble, Sylas, Kalista, Yasuo, Lucian, Ornn, Mordekaiser, Aatrox, Miss Fortune
C Tier: Dr. Mundo, Cho’Gath, Ryze, Fiddlesticks
D Tier: Akali, Kayne, Karma

S+ Tier: Evelynn, Taliyah, Karthus, Skarner
S Tier: Kha’Zix, Volibear, Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Rek’Sai, Shaco, Elise, Warwick, Nidalee, Kayne, Sejuani, Graves, Hecarim
A Tier: Ekko, Olaf, (AP) Shyvana, Rengar, Ramus, Kindred, Master Yi, Vi, Wukong, Lee Sin, Morgana
B Tier: Xin Zhao, Amumu, Nocture, Gragas, Jax, Diana, Ivern, Dr. Mundo, Lilia, Udyr, Jarven IV, Trundle, Twitch
C Tier: Sett, Zyra
D Tier: Camille, Qiyana, Talon, Darius, Zed, Garen, Brand

S+ Tier:
LeBlanc, Cassiopeia, Kassadin
S Tier: Fizz, Vladimir, Zed, Talon, Katarina, Ekko, Diana, Galio, Annie, Yasuo
A Tier: Zoe, Ahri, Qiyana, Neeko, Orianna, Lux, Morgana, Kayle, Swain, Aurelion Sol, Viktor, Taliyah, Ryze, Azir
B Tier: Anivia, Veigar, Xerath, Vel’Koz, Irelia, Twisted Fate, Pyke, Nidalee
C Tier: Lissandra, Ziggs, Syndra, Akali, Evelynn
D Tier: Brand, Karma

Botlane (ADC):
Note: Manamune & Death’s Dance are now better Items on some ADCs then their normal first full buy and will be labeled with a “MD” next to their name for this change
S+ Tier: MD Ashe, MD Kai’sa, MD Aphelios
S Tier: Vayne, Caitlyn, Jinx, Jhin, MD Draven, MD Ezreal
A Tier: Cassiopeia, Ziggs, MD Kog’Maw, (Healer) Senna, Sivir, MD Miss Fortune, Yasuo
B Tier: Heimerdinger, MD Twitch, MD, Tristana, Lucian,
C Tier: (Leth) Varus, MD Kalista, MD Corki
D Tier: Xayah (in all forms)

Botlane (Support):
S+ Tier: Lulu, Senna
S Tier: Blitzcrank, Soraka, Sona, Nami, Janna, Alistar, Bard, Rakan, Yuumi, Thresh, Leona
A Tier: Nautilus, Pyke, Maokai, Zilean, Galio, Brand, Swain, Taric
B Tier: Vel’Koz, Zyra, Lux, Morgana, Xerath, Shaco, Bruam, Karma
C Tier: Shen, Veigar, Gragas, Tahm Kench
D Tier: Fiddlesticks, Poppy, Volibear


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